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fail business relationship

7 Lessons Learned from A Failed Business Partnership

Do you often feel that you need a second opinion before doing something? Have you outlined a great business plan, but you don't feel confident enough to do it alone? Would you rather bring your business idea to fruition faster? Is the workload too big for you, but you … [Read More...]


CEI 060: Building Community with Steve Kamb

For those of you who've been around Firepole for any length of time, you know that we're big on building and interacting with an audience. However, many successful online businesses are also built around communities. And, while audience and community are related, they're not the … [Read More...]


How to Find Your Next Big Blog Post Ideas – A Primer

It's also a minefield; not everybody can navigate it successfully. You've heard this before, but it bears repeating: the quality of the content you publish that determines the success or failure of your content marketing campaign. Consistently producing, publishing and … [Read More...]