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Solve the Thorniest
Problems in 45 Minutes by
Borrowing Danny's Brain
Whatever challenge you’re facing,
Danny can help you solve it.
Danny has a talent for making concepts clear and he always leaves you confident you know your next step.
Sophie Lizard
What People Are Saying About
Danny’s Borrow My Brain Sessions...
Alden Tan
"After just one session with [Danny], I took my blog from less than 100 subscribers to over 1,000 in just a couple of months, and grew to 2,000 a month after that!"
Nathan Liao
“I had built an audience, but had nothing to sell them. Danny showed me what to do, and following his strategy, I brought in over $5,000 in 24 hours... before building a product! This funded the product's development and validated demand... amazing!”
Mary Jaksch
“Asking Danny to be my mentor was one of the best decisions I made as an online entrepreneur. He taught me to see entrepreneurship in a new light - as something that can benefit the world. Danny's mentoring is priceless.”
Gary Karisko
“My blog traffic was tapering off and I didn't know why. Danny helped me untangle things, and create forward momentum - and as soon as I started implementing, things started growing. It was the turning point for my blog!”
You Should Schedule a Session
to Borrow Danny's Brain If…

Danny has helped thousands of entrepreneurs overcome these (and many other) online business problems for years.

In your Borrow My Brain session, you and Danny will dig down deep into the details of your problem. You’ll come away from the 45 minute session with a clearly stated, step-by-step strategy to move forward and get the results you desire.

Danny does full-scale mentoring with only a select number of clients due to time constraints. But now, he has a small number of openings for one-time 45 minute Borrow My Brain sessions.

The cost of a session is only $347. Book yours now while spaces are still available.

And if you choose to pursue a larger scale mentoring with Danny, he’ll apply the entire $347 toward the cost of his mentoring program!

Schedule your session now, and solve those nagging problems that are keeping you from building the business of your dreams.

About Danny Iny

In 2011, Danny founded a small blog called Firepole Marketing.

Over the next three years, he grew it into a thriving million dollar business using his proven marketing and business strategies.

Danny is also the Amazon best-selling author of the book Engagement from Scratch!, as well as The Naked Marketing Manifesto. His online courses have set the gold standard in online business education, and through them – and the countless other valuable resources he’s created – he's helped thousands of people start and build thriving online businesses, and work on their own terms.

Today, Danny and his team continue to support entrepreneurs through the invaluable content on Firepole Marketing, their various cutting-edge training programs, and their weekly marketing podcast, Connect, Engage, Inspire!

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