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March 17, 2014

The Great Online Marketing Scavenger Hunt 2014 Winners

It has been an extremely exciting 3 weeks while the Great Online Marketing Scavenger Hunt has been running. Hundreds of participants led by a crew of exceptionally keen high-scorers have, combined, completed thousands of activities to expand their reach and ability online. It’s been a great game. From getting their first guest posts to making new friends and new professional connections, learning new skills, trying new technologies and getting new ideas – I’m pretty confident that everyone who has participated has seen some benefit from having done so. There have been hundreds of Tweets with the #FPMScavHunt hashtag, dozens of great comments on the blog, a couple of pins and more creativity and cleverness than I know what do do with. Of course, no games are without their ups and downs. And while we had far more ups than we had downs this time around, I know I learned a good lesson about how to arrange and give credit for bonus points! Next year – a tie-breaker scenario will be planned for WELL in advance. 😉 Overall though – the technology worked and the new self-scoring worked MUCH better than the peer monitoring of last year. I think next year’s
February 19, 2014

CEI 027: Online Scavenger Hunts With Megan Dougherty

Today’s show features our very own Megan Dougherty, discussing her project at Firepole Marketing – online scavenger hunts! What is an online scavenger hunt and why is it useful? Today’s episode with our very own Megan Dougherty will take you behind the scenes of our own Online Marketing Scavenger Hunt – what it is, why we do it, and why it’s been so valuable to so many people! For us at Firepole, the online scavenger hunt challenges people to develop their skills in online marketing. Some things we’ve built challenges around have been: researching new blogs in your niche, looking for guest posts, practicing different styles of writing for blog posts or titles, trying new social media platforms, etc. Listen up to hear how to become a part of an online scavenger hunt, what you and your business can get out of it, and how to use gamification in your own online business! Click here to download the transcript.
April 1, 2013

The Great Online Marketing Scavenger Hunt: Extended for Another 6 Weeks!

The last five weeks have been so much fun, I just can’t imagine stopping. So we’ve decided to double the length of the hunt and release a brand new list of challenges – bigger and better than ever. We’re going to be taking things a few steps further, and will be upping the ante on the prizes in a BIG way. All winners will now be offered an all-expenses paid trip to Montreal for a month to join the Firepole Marketing Team for daily breakfast meetings. (Breakfast not included.) Of course, this means that there’s going to be a little more work and cost on our part, so we have to add a few extra mandatory challenges to the list. Don’t worry – it’s nothing big: Everyone currently playing is now contractually obliged to continue, and to pay a registration fee of $127.85. All players must legally change their names to Biz Nuss. Switch all of the text on your website to Comic Sans. Make us a cake. Mail it to the FPM Office. (NB: Danny doesn’t like chocolate…) Not too big a deal, right? Read on for the rest of the new challenges…
March 26, 2013

How the Firepole Marketing Scavenger Hunt Reveals Different Marketing Styles

Are you playing in the Great Online Marketing Scavenger Hunt, or are you just watching the game from the sidelines? Either way, it's a lot of fun! But scavenger hunts aren't merely a fun way to spend your time - they're an opportunity to grow as a person and as a business. For example, scavenger hunts give you a chance to:  Try something you normally wouldn't Connect with like-minded people (and cool people with different opinions, too) Win a nifty prize, whether it's cash or fame or a GIF of a trophy with your name on it AND...  Learn how your strategic personality affects your business success Gamification is popular because it works with human nature - we all love to count our achievements, show off the spoils of our good deeds, and (eek!) compare ourselves to others. You might not realise it, but the way you handle a multi-task challenge like this speaks volumes about you. Your personality tends to show through in the way you run your business and the way you handle your marketing, too, just like it does in a game. Take a look at these common ways people approach a scavenger hunt, and let me