January 31, 2014

Project ABC: Goodness Gracious, It’s Actually Happening…

I’m really excited. Okay – I’m usually really excited – but today more so than others. Today, I’m excited to tell you about the last year at Paying for Life, which has gone from an idea to a blog with about 650 people paying attention to it. This is small potatoes in the blogosphere – but it feels HUGE to me. Note from Danny: This *is* huge. Megan has grown almost as much in her first year as we did in the first year of Firepole Marketing. And Firepole Marketing was a full-time gig with two partners and an assistant, whereas Megan is doing Paying for Life very much on the side. So way to go! Looking back as I’ve been working alongside (and let’s be honest – very often behind!) our students in the Audience Business Masterclass, I can see a number of things I’ve done well over the last year, and some things I haven’t. On the positive side: my list has grown, and I’ve started building some relationships – and even friendships – with other bloggers in my space. I’ve also started blogging more frequently and *very* recently started pitching guest posts more aggressively. I have also
December 1, 2013

Planning a Business Retreat: One Step Back for Two Steps Forward

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks. Or months. Or years. You’re doing your time, responding to your emails and blog comments, reaching out and building new relationships, and always creating content, thinking about the future and planning what you’ll need to get there. It can be exhausting, and no matter how much you love what you do, how passionate you are, or how much it all matters, you can’t keep this up forever without driving yourself straight into the ground. That won’t work for anyone. People need rest. People need breaks. People need to get out of their environments to be able to look clearly at where they’re coming from and where they want to go. In short, sometimes people need retreats. We certainly do. In February of this year, right after the The Epic $294,865 in 25 Days Launch, right after we had taken on and made promises to 450 new students, Danny took the Firepole Marketing team away for a week of retreat. The timing sucked, and a lot of people were annoyed, but it was the only acceptable option. The previous 4 weeks had been more grueling and more intense than any I had ever experienced,
September 14, 2013

Project ABC: Tiptoeing Towards a Business

Hello Again! Well – it feels like it’s been ages since I’ve written one of these! I’ve enjoyed reading the posts, updates and lessons from our wonderful ABM students – and I’m happy to be back with some news and progress to share with you as well. Summer is, if not technically, pretty much over. It’s been fun, and it’s been busy, and some of it has even been relaxing – but the leaves are starting to turn, folks are going back to school, and the feeling of productivity is in the air again. Things have been moving along with Paying for Life – little by little, at what I’ve found a pretty comfortable pace. I haven’t made huge strides, but I’ve kept at it, and had enough time to see some friends and family over the warm season – so everyone is happy. Balance, it turns out, is something that needs to be worked at – but is really worthwhile, even if it means dreams of blogs are worked towards at something of a snail’s pace. I do have some updates for you, of course – some of which I consider quite exciting!
August 27, 2013

Lessons Learned from Our Biggest-Ever Business Education Experiment

Everyone has a reason that they get up in the morning. For some people, it’s family and friends. For some it’s faith. For some it’s art. For some, it’s a passion, or obsession. For many of us at Firepole Marketing – it’s about business and education. So when Danny shared his idea to take a giant, scary, expensive risk in the name of business education – we were apprehensive – but it felt right. Giving small business owners and others solid information about strategy, marketing and all of the things that go into running a business is why we’re here – so the risk, really – seemed quite reasonable. (If you need a refresher on how this all came about, check out the posts here, here, and here!) The Business Ignition Bootcamp was born – and did it ever come out screaming. What we wanted to do was deliver a level of education that we hadn’t approached before – a deep understanding of how the elements of business work together, and how to generate ideals, and validate them as efficiently as possible. No mean feat for a six week training – but it’s what we felt we needed to do… Offering