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October 9, 2015

5 Ways to Find and Engage Your Target Audience

A strong grasp on your target audience is super important. It cements your business with a rock-hard foundation that’ll fortify all its future activities. Whether you’re crafting a new product, cooking up copy, or dishing out content to draw in clients and customers, a white-knuckle grasp on your target audience is an absolute must. Without it, your business is like a weak, unconditioned boxer. You scrape a few good hits due to luck, but eventually a few hefty shots will leave you kissing the canvas. And that isn’t fun. So here are 5 ways to find and engage your target audience to ensure that your business has a muscular foundation that supports all its activities. Ready? Great! Let’s go.
October 8, 2015

Expert Advice to Increase Your Productivity

You just went out on your own. Congratulations!  So now what? When I launched my company Working Simply, I had only a bicycle, no car, no phone, no computer, no printer. I had to return each of these to my former company when I resigned from my sales position. Not only did I not have any of the required tools to start my company, I was giving up a steady, predictable income. I was petrified. It was miles to the nearest library (where I could research computers and cars), and I was not sure my bike would even make it down the street. What was I thinking? How was I going to build a thriving business? Where did I start? To get an idea off the ground, an open calendar and a list of prospects to call is scary. And you’ll need and want to feel firmly rooted in some strategies to make it happen the first 30 days. First, Find Your Style You are setting out on an adventure. And you’ll likely be hearing advice and encouragement from all types of entrepreneurs or solopreneurs—what worked for them, what didn’t. While some of their advice might be helpful, you need
October 6, 2015

BR18: Michael Port Reimagines Performance and Influence

  Michael Port is well known for his roles in movies and television, like Sex and the City, but did you know he also has a background in the business side of the fitness business. Or that he can help you dispel your fear of public speaking?!? Today, Danny talks with Michael about how all of life is a performance you can prepare for, from first dates to job interviews, and company pep talks to CEO speeches. Download the transcript here.
September 22, 2015

BR17: The Teach and Grow Rich Opportunity with Danny Iny

  Danny Iny is the founder of Firepole Marketing, bestselling author of several books including his latest, Teach and Grow Rich. Danny has seen incredible success in his online courses, and he doesn’t just attribute that success with great content. It has just as much to do with the environment of education he nurtures with his students. Today, Danny talks about the future of online courses, and the big ‘Information vs. Education’ divide he sees coming that will leave some online course builders wondering what happened. But for those who are prepared, the Teach and Grow Rich opportunity will be life-changing, not just for those who teach but also for those who want to learn. Download the transcript here.