December 23, 2014

17 Ways To Explosively Grow Your Audience Based Business

Part 3: Increase Your Profit Per Sale

Editor’s Note: this is the third post in a series on how to explosively grow your audience-based business. Hassan had so much to say on the subject that we asked him to write 3 in-depth posts all about how to grow your business! Do you ever feel like your audience based business isn’t living up to its potential? Your fingers ache from creating killer content, you’re burnt out from all the networking you’re doing, and your brain is numb from thinking of new ways you can help your audience. But you still feel as if your business could be better. You feel as if your audience could be bigger, your relationships stronger, and your profits higher… The first step to living up to your business potential is to generate more leads. And thanks to the strategies in part one of this series, you’ve got loads more people viewing your website, product, or blog. The second step to explosively growing your business is to increase your conversions, which is the percentage of people that buy from you. We covered that in part two of this series. This week, it’s all about profit per sale. Let’s go.
December 22, 2014

3 Simple Email InBox Management Hacks to Give You Back 1 Hour a Day

We use you to stay in touch with long lost (or newly made) friends, build our businesses, reach out, learn, grow. And we simultaneously despise you for interrupting every. single. thought. with your little pop up of new messages dropping in our inbox. Remember the 90’s when the words “You’ve Got Mail” were so exciting that they were turned into a movie? It’s time to bring that love back. I have 3 simple hacks for your email to give you back (at least) an hour of your day.
December 19, 2014

The Missing Manual: The Proper Care and Feeding of Your Customers

Whenever you buy something new, it often comes with a manual. Something that let’s the owner know how to care for it for best results. Your milk has a label that tells you to keep it refrigerated. Your shirt has a tag that tells you how to keep it looking so fresh and so clean. And your phone comes with an entire pamphlet with instructions on how to operate it. Strange as it is, the things that are most important, like your customers, don’t come with any manual at all. That’s a bummer. Especially since it’s resulted in too many failed businesses. In fact, if you think back to your childhood, you’ll realize that your childhood pets often came with some sort of “Proper Care and Feeding” manual. The good news? There’s lot’s of fantastic examples out there of businesses who’ve figured out how to properly care for and feed their customers. And as a result, their customers have rewarded them with their attention. Their loyalty. Their love. As an audience builder, you’re hungry for lessons on how to properly care for and feed your customers. Here are some pearls of wisdom you can use as your customer care manual,
December 18, 2014

5 Proven Strategies to Encourage Clients to Pay More for Your Services (and Love It)

If you sell a service rather than a product, you will sooner or later run into the problem of bringing in new clients. As in, it takes a lot of time and effort, and the rate at which your bills accumulate starts to outpace that of profits rolling in. Many service companies and freelancers accept periods of no work and no income as a necessary evil. But you don’t have to – and here’s why. There is a big (potentially unlimited) source of profits right at hand! I’m talking about your existing customers. Which is easier: persuade someone who has never worked with you to pay for a service, or do the same with a client who already values and appreciates you? Why not give them a chance to fall even more in love with your business by offering more value – for more money? “But I don’t want to take advantage of a client!” you might say, with or without indignation. But is it really like that? I heartily recommend you apply the strategies outlined in the post – not just for the sake of generating more income (an obvious primary goal), but also for keeping your customers happy.