March 27, 2015

Are You Missing a Key Point To Make Your Business Grow Faster?

You’re out to lunch with a friend you haven’t seen in a while. “How’s business?” your friend asks. “Fine,” you say. “It’s going well.” And while it’s not a total lie – your business is doing OK – it isn’t growing the way you wanted it to. Rather than talk about it with your friend, you quickly change the subject. Does this sound familiar? Unfortunately, too many entrepreneurs are stuck in a place of “not doing badly, but not growing either.” It’s easy to come up with generic explanations to why your business isn’t growing. For example, “your marketing doesn’t persuade people, so they don’t want to buy.” But what if you want to know why – exactly – your business isn’t growing? You have to look more closely at the key points of business growth. When you do that honestly, you can usually pinpoint what you need to do next. Sure, a blog article can’t replace a marketing coach. But even if you only get a little clearer on what you need to focus on, it might save you months or years of work. So, go through these five key points of business growth to see what you need
March 26, 2015

Want to Monetize Your Blog? A Not-So-Quick Guide to Creating a Paid Offering Your Readers Will Buy (and Love)

“I can’t make money from my blog because I don’t have an idea.” Sounds familiar? Having a sizeable audience, investing a ton of time and money into running a blog, yet still making zero from it… Few things are more frustrating. Yet the web overflows with profitable launch breakdowns, case studies, screenshots of PayPal statements, and well-deserved brags. Every blogger except you is living the dream. Every monetization idea they have becomes an instant hit that readers rave about and throw piles of money at. You see successful, profitable blogs everywhere and wonder what you are doing wrong. Despair starts to creep in – do those blogs have something yours doesn’t? Rest assured – most other bloggers aren’t smarter or luckier than you. Their plan of attack is simply different than yours. They don’t build an offering and throw it at the mercy of their audience in hopes that people buy. Instead, they flip the concept on its head. They come to readers for insights. First, they figure out what the audience needs. Next, they validate the idea by selling a ‘pilot’ version of the upcoming offering. Once bloggers are 100% sure it will sell, and sell well, they build
March 24, 2015

CEI 109: Taking Ownership of Your Health and Business with Chris Brogan

Today’s podcast is a real treat – the kind that won’t add an inch to your waistline! Danny talks with Chris Brogan, the founder of Owner Magazine, and a best-selling author of a number of books. Recently Chris has stepped outside his normal realm and embarked on a journey of defining ownership beyond business – and it starts with your health. Find out how owning your business begins with owning your own life and health. Just click the play button below to get started! Podcast runtime: 23 min 02 seconds | Transcript
March 19, 2015

4 Dumb Monetization Mistakes that Prevent Your Blog From Making Money in Your Sleep

I once saw an aspiring online marketer complain on Facebook about the size of his list. “I have almost 2000 people on my blog’s email list! Soon Mailchimp will start to charge me $30 per month, and my blog doesn’t generate this much right now,” he said. That person has 2000 readers loyal enough to give him their emails… but no idea how to build on that relationship and start generating revenue. No wonder they say blogging is dead! Yet here you are, reading this post. And thousands of bloggers earn a healthy passive income – sometimes as much as 6-7 figures per month. I bet they consider blogging to be very much alive! Chances are, if you are reading this, you want your blog to make money. Not necessarily a fortune, but a good amount. And there is no lack of monetization advice out there. Trouble is, most of it is misguided, put together by people who haven’t made a single penny online. There are many ways to make money from your blog, and a lot of pitfalls around each. Today we are going to look at 4 most common, and devastating, mistakes that will nip your dreams of