October 31, 2014

Visual Customer Service in the Social Media Age [Infographic]

If you needed to quickly learn how to fix a leaky faucet, would you reach for an in-depth instruction manual, or find a short tutorial video on YouTube? If you’re inclined toward the latter, then you’re in good company. The US Department of Labor found that 65% of information people remember is information learned through a hybrid of oral and visual presentation, and most speculation suggests that our knowledge retention processes are becoming more visually-based. So, for services reps, promoters, and content marketers, the next step in your online branding campaign may be to open up your social channels for customer service.  This post will serve as a guide to optimizing your social media for high quality customer support.
October 30, 2014

Facebook Doesn’t Want Your ClickBait Any More – What Should You Be Doing Instead?

We all want organic reach on Facebook. Let’s face it: the dream is for our posts to spread like wildfire and appear to our target audience in news feeds across the world. Sounds great, right? But as with most things online, there’s both a right – and a wrong – way to get there. On 25th August 2014 Facebook released a new blog post detailing some improvements they plan to make to the news feed. The main point of this update is to stop the click baiting, which I’m sure all of us have been a victim to. This update will likely affect many brands and marketers who used this common tactic to gain viral traffic on Facebook. And these important changes don’t just apply to click baiters. They apply to anyone who posts a link on Facebook. You may be posting links incorrectly without even knowing it, and as a result be seeing lower organic reach numbers. Find out below why Facebook ranks what we post, what click baiting is, how we can change the way we post a link to rank better in Facebook, and what new metrics Facebook are using to determine whether a shared link is high
October 28, 2014

6 LinkedIn Publishing Tips You Can Use Today to Reach Thousands of LinkedIn Users

For years, established businesses and popular bloggers have had an advantage over everyone else: they already had a large audience to share their content and influential connections to collaborate with. Marketing with content was hard work and it took time to gain traction. It is still is hard work, even though there are now more channels to promote your content than ever before. But what if you could quickly gain visibility based on the quality of your message,rather than your pre-existing audience? What if you could reach other like-minded business people and career-oriented individuals who share your opinions and ideas? That time has come! In February 2014, LinkedIn opened its publisher platform to the public for early access. That means that anyone on LinkedIn can now become a publisher and share ideas with the LinkedIn population.
October 27, 2014

How to Launch Your Product: Lessons from the Music Industry

“Always be launching.” While this statement is not 100% true, running a business can certainly feel that way. Even if we’re trying to stay innovative in our field, the reality is that too often we fall into cookie cutter ideas of how to launch. Although they are effective, the three video opt-in funnels and webinars are simply not the only options out there. Prior to become a launch strategist for online entrepreneurs, I was an independent musician releasing albums, getting butts in seats and learning all I could about launching to an engaged community of listeners. Here’s what the radio superstars and local band heroes in the music industry can teach us about launching products and services while building a tribe of loyal followers.