Split Test Checker: Are Your Experiments Working?

The truth is that many of the exploits that you hear about are fueled by a vivid imagination, rather than experience; only a very small proportion of the talkers are actually doing the things that they describe.

And that’s okay… maybe you aren’t ready.

Proper split testing takes more than just testing different variations of a page… you need to measure results, and the differences between the results generated by each variation.

This isn’t as simple as just checking which page is converting more. Let’s explain why with a short example:

Variation 1: The base page received 974 visits, and 5 people converted

Variation 2: The modified page received 961 visits, and 7 people converted

You’d think that Variation 2 is the clear winner, right?


Crunching the numbers, we find that there is only a 45.27% chance that over time, Variation 2 will continue to outperform Variation 1. In other words, there’s a 54.73% chance that the difference between their success rates was the result of random chance.

Okay… where did these numbers come from?

Split testing is all about finding results that you can be confident in based on statistical significance. This isn’t a touchy-feely kind of confidence – it is calculated mathematically, and you want it to be at least 90%, and ideally 95% or more to choose a winner.

You don’t have to worry about calculating the numbers yourself; just click on the image below to download our free tool that will do it for you:

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