Introducing… Robyn Crump

robynRobyn Crump joined Firepole Marketing in the summer of 2012. Before she landed a job with Danny, she worked a slew of various jobs in a number of fields (some great, some horrible) trying to save up enough money to travel Europe for a year (oh yeah, and study there, too).

Growing up in a small town outside of Toronto, Robyn is drawn to working with smaller-sized organizations and businesses. Graduating from Concordia University with a degree in Communication Studies, Robyn has always seen herself as bridging the gap between business and the creative – which is part of the great value that she adds to the Firepole Marketing team.

Robyn is the Experience Lead at Firepole Marketing; She is usually the first point of contact, whether it is in the form of a welcome call to our students, reaching out to affiliates or replying to your job application. She also takes the reigns of most of our audio and visual material: editing our podcasts and interviews, creating our animated videos and lesson videos, or designing snazzy graphics to help explain some of the information we deliver.

Her favorite things about her job is having the freedom to take the initiative to dream up and execute her own ideas as well as being able to collectively create some amazing content with her talented coworkers. She also likes the feeling of contributing to affordable and applicable education and helping others achieve their goals.

In the future, Robyn looks forward to growing with Firepole Marketing and watching her position change and evolve with the company’s direction and dynamic. There are always new opportunities for growth.

Outside of Firepole Marketing, Robyn does freelance graphic design on the side, as well as reconstructing and redesigning used furniture, clothing and accessories.