New Year, New Ideas – Best of the Web!

This last month has been crazy busy (mostly in a good way) for us!

We spent most of November and December preparing for the launch of the Audience Business Masterclass and now we are right smack dab in the middle of the launch!

But we still make sure we spend time reading content on other blogs to expand our knowledge and see what ideas, opinions and research are worth being spread. It’s been a while since our last Best of the Web, and there has been A LOT of great content that we’ve seen since then.

So without any further ado, here are my favorites from the past month, I hope you enjoy them and find them as useful and interesting as I did…

Info in Images

Sometimes, the strongest way to present information is through images. Here we have six amazing examples of the power of visual content:

Data in Digits

It’s always great to have multiple pieces of advice on the same topic. Here we have a series of fun and useful list posts to ensure that you find a ton of information in one simple read:

Wise Words of Warning

Usually, when we make a mistake in our own businesses, someone else has already made that mistake before us and has hopefully worked out the kinks.

We’ve pulled a few great articles from people who *have* worked out the kinks, to give you a heads up on common marketing mistakes:

Examples to Aspire to

This month I came across some really great examples of people who have excelled in their field. Here are some examples of great posts, people, customer service and most importantly of great influence.

How-Tos That Will Help You

You can’t go wrong with a well-designed how-to post. We’ve found some great, easy to follow and implement how-tos that will surely make things a *little* bit easier on you.

Bright Ideas, Opinions and Tools

Here we have an array of some refreshing content that didn’t quite fall into our other categories. But it was so great we needed to show it to you anyway.

Interviews and Kind Mentions

I’m really honored to have been approached and mentioned by so many talented people this month. Thanks to everyone who has mentioned my new training program Audience Business Masterclass or credited one of my older workshops to their success.

We’ve listed a lot of great content here, but if you think we’ve missed out on anything important, please let us know in the comments!

Danny Iny
Danny Iny
Danny Iny (@DannyIny, +DannyIny), a.k.a. the "Freddy Krueger of Blogging", is the proud founder of Firepole Marketing. He is the author of the Amazon best-seller Engagement from Scratch! (available on Amazon, or for free in our Engagement Toolbox), and creator of the Audience Business Masterclass.


  1. Slavko Desik says:

    Wow! A great list resource Danny. Thanks for the mention too.
    I also notice that there are couple of articles from Think traffic and The 30 year old ninja. Two really awesome sites. Corbett Barr and Izmael Arkin are doing a great job creating a lot of awesome content.

  2. razwana says:

    I’m honoured to be on this list of great content, Danny. Thank you :-)
    I’m off to read the rest….!

  3. What an honor and surprise to be included in your list. As a result of this list, I have subscribed to Tommy is My Name (what energy!) and am learning so much from other links.

    Thank you,

  4. Roberta Budvietas says:

    Resources are always great. The challenge for many of us is to get on a list like this. Thanks Danny

  5. Hey Danny & folks, thanks for including me on this fantastic Best of the Web (and for supplying my reading list this evening).

    I’m loving the Audience Business Masterclass! :)

  6. Tony says:

    Many thanks. A bagful of useful information. Greatly enjoyed your postings.

  7. Gary Korisko says:

    Thanks, Danny for thinking enough of my post to list me here as well. I appreciate it!

    And wow – what a great resource for someone who loves to read strong content. I’ve saved this one to Evernote and am digesting one post at a time as I get breaks here and there.

    Thanks again!

  8. Tina says:

    Wow! Thanks so much for sharing all of this information Danny! Much appreciated!

    I am learning so much form reading all of this! =D

    Thanks again!

  9. […] Recently Danny published his own Best of The Web post, and I’m listing it here for two reasons. First – it’s an extensive list filled with all kinds of great content. I saved it in Evernote so I can refer back to it over time. And second – because Danny was kind enough to list my launch day post as one of the best of the web. Go take a look. […]

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