The Naked Truth about Marketing (Free Manifesto)
free naked marketing plan

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Marketing is a daily struggle for entrepreneurs and business owners.

No matter how hard they try, they just can’t seem to get it right, and they’re left with no customers, and no money (or at least, not enough of either).

These are hard-working, resourceful people. They’re out there, day in and day out, looking for solutions. Looking for the missing piece of the puzzle.

And they aren’t finding it, for one simple reason:

Marketing has gotten too complicated!

A Google search for “marketing” returns 2.42 billion results, and Amazon.com lists over 432,000 books in their “Marketing & Sales” category.

Which makes sense – if you do that kind of search for any broad subject, you’ll find an equally large quantity of information.

Except that in most cases, there’s a “Go-To” resource to get you going, that most of the experts agree on as the best place to start.

Are they the only books on their respective subjects? Hardly.

Are they the best books on their respective subject? The most in-depth, or the most advanced? Some of them are, and some of them aren’t.

But in all cases, if you ask a dozen experts what book to read if you could only read one book on a subject, most would point you to the same single go-to book…

So what’s the single “Go-To” book for MARKETING?

Not viral marketing, social media marketing, email list marketing, word-of-mouth marketing, referral marketing, joint-venture marketing, copywriting, branding, display or search advertising, shoestring marketing, buzzmarketing, B2B marketing, or any of the other sub-niches of the marketing world… what’s the one book that’s going to start you off with a strong understanding of what marketing really is and how it really works?

The answer is that there is none.

That’s why I wrote the Naked Marketing Manifesto.

In 42 small pages with large print, this manifesto will show you once and for all what marketing is really all about.

It’s awesome, and I’m very proud of it – but rather than talk it up, let me share with you what a few other people have said about it, and then I’ll let you go grab it:

“You need to read Naked Marketing twice. Once to absorb the great marketing advice Danny is giving you. Twice to see how he just expertly demonstrated the very principles you just learned.” – Brian Clark, CEO, Copyblogger Media, Author of Entroproducer

“This manifesto will show you how to make yourself attractive to the one person who is dying to buy from you. Through naked and sexy analogies, you will learn how to incorporate marketing that really works into your business. It’s a short, easy, and very powerful read.” – Gini Dietrich, CEO, Arment Dietrich, author Spin Sucks, co-author, Marketing in the Round

“The Naked Marketing Manifesto is hot, hot, hot. After reading it, I could immediately spot my mistakes (ouch), as well see how I could improve marketing (and maybe even get to like it…)” – Mary Jaksch, Write to Done and A-List Blogging Bootcamps

I hope that convinces you enough to take a look. Want to know how much it costs? 😉

It’s free. No opt-in required.

Yep, that’s right. It doesn’t cost a cent, and you don’t have to give me your email address to get it.

Click here to grab the Naked Marketing Manifesto for free!

All you need to do is tweet or share, and it’s yours.

So that’s it – short and sweet – go grab it.

Oh, one more thing. I’d love to know what you think of the manifesto! :-)


Danny Iny
Danny Iny
Danny Iny (@DannyIny, +DannyIny), a.k.a. the "Freddy Krueger of Blogging", is the proud founder of Firepole Marketing. He is the author of the Amazon best-seller Engagement from Scratch! (available on Amazon, or for free in our Engagement Toolbox), and creator of the Audience Business Masterclass.


  1. Jeanne Pi says:

    Danny, you’ve outdone yourself again! This is a great marketing book for newbies as well as seasoned marketers.

    Glad I was able to contribute to your Naked Marketing Resource List.

  2. Saya says:

    Danny this is great-

  3. Al McBride says:

    Thanks for that Danny!

    Going above and beyond once again! Looking forward to getting my teeth into this.

    Much appreciated,


  4. Allan Ngo says:

    Danny, this is definitely a great resource.

    I wish I had it in college when I had some marketing subjects. It would have made it umm… more vivid haha

    It’s a great pleasure to have contributed to the Naked Marketing Resource List. :)


    • Danny says:

      Haha, thanks, Allan. You know, I think that’s the trouble with so much marketing – it starts with these boring classes in college that don’t teach nearly as much as they pretend to, and it’s all downhill from there…

      Thanks again for the contribution – I really appreciate it! :)

  5. Pam McKeen says:

    Thanks Danny, you have provided great information and really made it easy to digest and put into practice.

  6. Candas Ifama says:

    Hi Danny,

    As always, your content stands far and above with its rich resources, thorough guidance and clear insights. This a must-have for anyone growing a business.

    All the best!!
    Candas Ifama

  7. Ruth Zive says:

    Bravo Danny! Can’t wait to check it out! You never stop, do you?! I have no doubt this will be fabulous information for everyone who reads it!

    • Danny says:

      Thanks, Ruth, I can’t wait to hear what you think of it! So far it’s been great – about 800 people have tweeted/downloaded it since yesterday morning! :)

  8. Hi Danny,
    Well, I have to say I have mixed feelings about this one. First, and foremost, I do appreciate the really useful explanations of the underlying principles you are ultimately trying to explain (like needing to make sure your offers are targeted to a receptive offer vs. just putting it out there to people who couldn’t care less). That’s one of the big reasons I read your stuff, clearly one of your gifts in life is teaching.

    However, not sure about the whole naked idea. I guess because so much of our world is sexualized. Cars, clothes, food, most of TV, movies etc., almost everything has to be “sexy” in some way. I know sex sells and all that, but does it really have to sell everything I guess is my question. One of the things I like about studying business, that is typically not an element. Occasionally yes, but not most of the time, so it’s like a breath of fresh air by comparison to everything else coming at us all day, if that makes sense.

    In addition, even though I get that we need to know our clients/customers well so that we can offer something very attractive to them, in some ways, naked + customer = kinda creepy. For me, conversations to do with “naked” are reserved for my spouse (or medical professionals), so to utilize sexual attraction as a framework to keep in mind for marketing, to me, is too much.

    In addition, as you know, I help small business owners with marketing too, so part of my job is to learn and stay current so I can share what I learn with my clients. I cannot imagine explaining these concepts in this way to any of them. It would be incredibly awkward for both of us.

    Now, I will absolutely admit that I grew up with conservative views around this subject, and still hold many of them today, so maybe I’m one in 10k of your current readers/followers for whom this is highly informative, but with an edge of uncomfortable and if that’s the case so be it. I also know that good marketing attracts, as well as repels, so maybe I’ve just self-selected that I’m not so much in your ideal client group. Hoping that’s not the case though and I hope these comments have been of help in some way.

    • Danny says:

      Hey Cheryl, that’s very fair – I was careful not to go too far with the metaphor, but I realized that not everybody would resonate with it, and I’m sorry if it makes you uncomfortable.

      It’s definitely helpful, and I’m always refining – thank you very much for sharing this here!

  9. Jamie Alexander says:

    Hey Danny,

    Great information, and short enough to read over and keep fresh in our system. It’s great to keep drilling these little things home, especially for people new to marketing, like me. I also love the style, like a Kindle book.

    I do have one problem which I think is kinda sexist: why do you show the guys boobs and not the girls? :)

  10. jean michel says:

    I tried to get my hands on your new Manifesto, so I share on FB and I don’t have It – OR maybe I did something wrong ? Can you help me Pplease ? thank’s a lot – LOVE your job amazing !

  11. jean michel says:

    Sorry but with the details ? you already have my details ?! can I get the manifesto please ? thank’s a lot

    • Danny says:

      No, I don’t have your details. Send me an email explaining what happens when you try to download the manifesto, so that I can try to fix it and get you a copy. :)

  12. Jean…this report is requiring a tweet…I don’t have a twitter account, so can’t do what he is asking.

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  16. Manoj Kadam says:

    Thanks Danny.. its really cool….

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