Introducing… Megan Dougherty

meganMegan Dougherty started working with Danny Iny in the Spring of 2010 before Firepole Marketing even really existed!

Megan feels she has had a pretty special opportunity to “grow up” with the company, taking on more and more responsibility as time has passed. Beginning as Danny’s Personal Assistant (read: drafter, audio editor, video maker, researcher, transcriber and generally useful person) with the launch and release of Write Like Freddy, Megan started to take more of an active role with student support and content development.

“Graduating” to Content Editor and Assistant Instructor was a pretty big milestone for Megan in 2012, followed by “unlocking” Education Lead in 2013.

What the diddly does any of that mean?

As Content Editor, Megan handles much – but not nearly all – of what happens on the Firepole Marketing Blog. If you wanted to write a guest post, for instance – you’d send her an email with your well-crafted pitch. ;-)  In collaboration with Danny and the rest of the team, Megan also plans and executes the various content campaigns you enjoy.

As Assistant Instructor, Megan works closely with students (hi folks!) answering questions and working through problems.

And Education Lead just means the above, plus internal training and external content development, mostly working on our training programs like the Audience Business Masterclass.

Basically, over the years, Megan discovered a real passion for teaching – and at Firepole Marketing – gets to do plenty of it!

In addition to working with Danny and the Team, Megan is starting her Own Audience Based Business called Paying for Life, which aims to help the young and underemployed acquire and wrangle their money. It’s a business still in its infancy, and you can follow Megan’s progress (ups AND downs) in any of the monthly Project ABC posts on the blog. :-)

Megan lives with her gorgeous spouse, their two super-chill room-mates, two cats and several house plants in Montreal. She loves to cook delicious vegan meals, play board games, watch bad disaster movies and read historical fiction. She’s pretty friendly too – and always ready to hear about your project! Why don’t you send her an email?