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CEI 013: Getting Unstuck With Laura Leigh Clarke

PodcastImage013For today’s episode, Danny got caught up with Laura Leigh Clarke.

Laura is a business consultant, and money coach to entrepreneurs. She is also the author of Wire Yourself For Wealth, a business book that allows people to take steps towards undoing the mental blocks they have around making money.

Laura helps solopreneurs, who are struggling to do everything themselves, find a clear, actionable plan, and then helps to support and implement that plan week by week!

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Distilled Wisdom

Wire Yourself for Wealth is about knowing how to use your own strengths to make money. But really it boils down to knowing two things:

  • Your digging style and what you should be doing
  • How to rewire your brain so that you can know how to become wealthy and unstuck

Being stuck tends to stem from seven different themes. In order to bypass these issues, there are certain things you need to do. Get Unstuck is an action-based course that teaches you how to avoid these pitfalls and how to come back from them.

The seven themes are:

  1. You don’t know how to go about getting what you want
  2. You’re not doing things that suit your true passion
  3. You’re doing things that don’t suit your personality
  4. Letting past dramas talk you out of what you truly want
  5. Picking projects that are doomed to failure
  6. Not having a process to continually assess staying on track
  7. Not knowing how to monetize your project

Now a lot of this sounds like stuff that goes on in your head, as Danny calls it “head trash”, but it’s not. It’s scientifically rooted. Take it from Laura Leigh Clarke, after all, her past education is in physics!

So how did she get into coaching?

A bit of luck, and being in the right place at the right time, but really Laura Leigh experienced getting unstuck and finding her own tools too! Simultaneously she found this process of learning how to profile people. After looking into it  a bit further, Laura was pulled up on stage where she talked about it. People were drawn to her, and it just sort of snowballed from there. It sounds serendipitous, but it’s not the case. This process revealed that Laura finally discovered how to play with her digging style. She decided she wanted to use this system to help others find their business path.

What is a digging style? The analogy is that we all have a tool in our hands- some a pickaxe, some a shovel. Depending on your tool, you need to work to its natural advantage. So, this means you need to understand what tool you have, how to use it, and what you’re capable of. It’s really about tuning into what your natural personality is, and then knowing how it’s best suited to make money!

What three steps can you take in 3 hours to help you get unstuck? Listen up and learn how to find your digging style, sweet spot, and how to apply it to benefit your business.

If you want to hear more from Laura, you can sign up for the webinar she is doing for the Firepole audience. Or you can pick up her book Wire Yourself For Wealth – or do both. :-)

And don’t forget that you can also download the transcript of this podcast.

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Megan Dougherty
Megan Dougherty
Megan Dougherty is the Director of Education at Firepole Marketing, and loves developing new training content, working with students to achieve their goals, and talking about online education of any kind. You can drop her a line on Twitter or Google+.


  1. Thanks for the great podcast on Getting Unstuck. I find making daily to-do lists with only a few tasks helps me stay unstuck. As they say take baby steps in the beginning so you aren’t overwhelmed. I look forward to your next podcast.

  2. Rohi Shetty says:

    Hi Danny, Megan and Laura,
    Thanks for the Implementabilty Q&A.
    I’ll definitely try it tomorrow:
    Stuck list
    Flow list
    “I’m worth it” mind map.

  3. Paul Fendler says:

    Absolutely wonderful podcast. Thank you very much!

  4. Marge says:

    This was such a treat! Clarity of concepts, an action plan of very doable tasks, and a delightful speaking presence. Thank you, Laura Lee Clark, and to Danny Iny for bringing her forward!

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