Happy 2012! Best of the Web!

I can’t believe our last best of the web post was really last year!

Well, okay, I can. 😉

It’s really only been a few weeks, but those weeks have been busy in the blogosphere. Between taking a break and celebrating with our nearest and dearest, the beginning of the New Year is a time to reflect on what has gone by and what is to come; that’s precisely what we’ve been doing at Firepole Marketing, and plenty of other blogs have had the same idea.

There have been years in review, round-up posts, reflections on the year that passed, and inspiration for the year to come. Despite being more or less MIA for the past couple of weeks, I’ve read a lot of them, and I’m going to share the creme de la creme with you.

So without further ado – our first Best of the Web for 2012!

Look Back on the Old, Looking Towards the New

The New Year always brings a few things with it: a new calendar, some hopeful resolutions, new business goals and always, always, recap and round-up posts from the year gone by. Here are some of my favorites:

Tips, Advice, and Food for Thought

We always love a good, solid informational post on Firepole Marketing, so here are some of the latest and greatest:

Interviews and Mentions

There’s nothing that makes a blogger feel quite so good about themselves as being asked for an interview, or finding your work mentioned by someone you respect. It’s a really unique feeling, and a few bloggers out there have given it to me recently with interesting, insightful interviews and mentions.

If you haven’t had a chance to read or listen to these yet, check them out (they mention a lot of other great people, too!):

Engagement from Scratch!

Positive response to Engagement from Scratch! continues unabated, to my ongoing delight.

Here are some more bloggers who took the time to get in touch with me, or otherwise write about the book. I am deeply grateful to all the bloggers who have done so.

We’ve listed a lot of great sites here, but if you think we’ve missed out on anything important, let us know in the comments!


Danny Iny
Danny Iny
Danny Iny (@DannyIny, +DannyIny), a.k.a. the "Freddy Krueger of Blogging", is the proud founder of Firepole Marketing. He is the author of the Amazon best-seller Engagement from Scratch! (available on Amazon, or for free in our Engagement Toolbox), and creator of the Audience Business Masterclass.


  1. Farhan Syed says:

    Thank you so much for mentioning my blog’s link in this post. I’m honoured.

    Write Region.

  2. hypnodude says:

    Very interesting list Danny, I’ve found some articles which seems pretty interesting. As written at Marcus’ place useful lists spreading knowledge are pretty much appreciated. A good way to know great posts and authors which could go unnoticed.

    Next year I have to be here too. :)

    • Danny says:

      Hey buddy, you can be here as soon as you’re ready. If you’ve got a great piece of content, don’t wait for us to find it – send me a link. 😀

  3. Caleb Wojcik says:

    Hey Danny, thanks for including my lessons learned post on here.

    You were definitely a part of the relationship piece I talked about. :)

  4. Howdy Danny,

    Many thanks for including our interview in your roundup. Though with just how many honourable mentions you get: I kind of wish I had written a snappier headline ;- )


  5. Ruth Zive says:

    As always Danny, great list! I haven’t read several of these posts, so thanks for sharing.

    And thank you for including The Freelance Writing Blog…fingers crossed that i win that car!

  6. Hooker says:

    Aaahhhhhh! More stuff to read and learn.
    It never ends! Haha
    Thanks for the references.

  7. Caroline Leon says:

    Thanks a million for the mention guys, great best of the web post as always!

  8. Ana says:

    Yay, I made it!

    Thanks so much, Danny – wherever do you find the time to put together these massive posts? It might look easy to some, but you and I know they are not!

    • Danny says:

      Of course you made it! If not you, then who? 😉

      I just keep a notepad file of great posts, and add in URLs as I read them. It takes a couple of hours to compile it all into a post at the end of it, but it isn’t too bad. :)

  9. jonknep says:

    Thanks for including me in your wrap up and thanks again for sharing your thoughts for the post!

    I’m stoked to dig into a few of these posts that I haven’t read yet!

  10. John Allen says:

    Thanks for sharing so much, I’m delighted to see all these interesting posts. I’m really glad that 2011 made me discover your brilliant blog. So far the posts I’ve read were amazing and I’m sure you still have more in store fur your readers.

  11. Ashwin says:

    Hey Danny,

    I can’t believe you mentioned me here. Good lord, what an honor this is for me. Thank you so much for the love Danny. I am beginning to believe in the power of “giving”, the “community”, and the intense media that the Internet is.

    By the way, I am taking you up on the 6 month – 10,000 unique challenge :)


    • Danny says:

      You totally earned it, Ashwin, your post was awesome, and I was very flattered by your very kind mentions of me. And that’s great – I’ll watch for a status update from you at the beginning of July (and sooner, of course). :)

  12. Reading List # 6 | Bill Amesse says:

    […] where you’ll find superb posts on social media, engaging with community, marketing, etc. His Best of the Web is yet another huge repository of information you may […]

  13. Ashwin says:

    Hey Danny,

    I am learning from you, that’s all there is to it: learn & implement. I am getting a little jittery now that I committed. A little nervous. But what the heck, that’s what the whole challenge is about. I will lurk and comment on your blog meanwhile. Reading your book again :)


    • Danny says:

      Learn and implement is good, but don’t forget that I’ve made my share of mistakes… you’re going to blaze some fresh trails, too, and I’d love for you to share those with us when you do. :)

      • Ashwin says:


        Talking about mistakes, I think I’ve been living in Mistakeville :) Certainly! I will update you on both my mistakes and achievements :) Sure thing. Until then, I’ll plaster your name all over the web :)

  14. Amnon Tamar says:

    I hope in 2013 you will learn to read Hebrew, that way you can add my blog in the 2012 list as well 😀
    Great list of great tips.

  15. Dan Sumner says:

    Hey Danny, some really awesome reading there. Just had a good hour of jam packed info, thanks for the link post very much appreciated.

    Thanks again


  16. Dave says:

    An abundance of information on this page. Thanks for gathering it all together nicely. I’ve been surfing off this page for most of the afternoon :)

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    […] my time be better spent doing different things on different “channels”? Case in Point: Danny Iny and Firepole Marketing  – Danny made some unbelievable sacrifices in 2011 to get his blog to where it is today […]

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