The Enormous Post-Launch Best of the Web

A lot has gone on in the month and a bit since our last Best of the Web post.

Specifically, the launch of Engagement from Scratch! and all of the work associated with it. It would be easy for me to forget that the rest of the internet has been pretty busy, too – but no, I’ve been paying attention, and I’ve got a particularly engaging list of great stuff to share with you today.

So, without further ado, a MONSTER Best of the Web! :-D

Food For Thought

These are some of the best, most interesting posts I’ve read in the last few weeks – although the list is by no means exhaustive – I recommend you check out what you can.

Guides, Tools and Advice

A lot of people have been putting a lot of work into creating “comprehensive” guides in one subject or another lately. The sheer volume of information is almost overwhelming, but if you really want to learn, you should give the following a look:

Interviews and Info about Engagement from Scratch!

I’ve been thrilled with the online response to Engagement from Scratch! It’s been pretty exciting to be on the “interviewee” side of the table for once, and I can’t express enough appreciation for all the bloggers who took the time to share their opinions on this project!

Honorable Mentions

We’ve been mentioned several times by some truly awesome bloggers this month, and we couldn’t be happier about it!

And… 24(!!!) New Guest Posts

To help promote Engagement from Scratch!, I wrote a lot of guest posts.

A whole lot.

(They don’t call me the Freddy Krueger of Blogging for nothing!)

I’d like to take this opportunity to again thank those bloggers who gave me the opportunity to share with their audiences.

So there we have it – a MONSTER Best of the Web.

But just because we included a lot of great sites, doesn’t mean we didn’t miss something great.

If you can think of a blog post or article that belongs on this list, let us know in the comments.

@DannyIny) is an author, strategist, serial entrepreneur, expert marketer, and the Freddy Krueger of Blogging. Together with Guy Kawasaki, Brian Clark and Mitch Joel, he wrote the book on how to build an engaged audience from scratch.

Danny Iny (@DannyIny, +DannyIny), a.k.a. the "Freddy Krueger of Blogging", is the proud founder of Firepole Marketing. He is the author of the Amazon best-seller Engagement from Scratch! (available on Amazon, or for free in our Engagement Toolbox), and creator of the Audience Business Masterclass.


    • says

      Marcus, you’re the one who’s awesome – when I first ventured online, you’re one of the first people I found that I could really look up to, and your example is a big part of the amazing momentum that we’re seeing here at Firepole Marketing. Thank you! :)

  1. Ruth Zive says

    Wow. That’s all I can say is Wow.

    Amazing list. I’m setting aside some time this weekend to read through these resources. And thanks so much for including The Freelance Writing Blog :-).

    • says

      Of course, Ruth, you totally belong on that list. I just feel lucky that I got to “discover” so much cool stuff this month (despite all the other stuff that I had to get done). :)

  2. says

    Wow, Danny – this post is epic! I’ll take a while to get through the links and I am excited to start digging.

    Meanwhile, I like your new comment system! LOL

  3. Jason Fonceca says

    OMG Danny, thanks so much for the heads up on “Achieve A Perfect Balance Of Structure And Flow” — Much appreciated man, and glad you found value in it.

    I”m psyched to check out some of the others, and I loooove absorbing info, and your list posts (books to read, best of the web, etc.) are awesome :)

    Thanks again!

    • says

      Of course, Jason, it’s a great post, and I’d love for more people to read it. :)

      I’m looking forward to chatting with you this week – and in the meantime, have a great one! :D

  4. says

    Hey Danny,

    What an epic post! I have bookmarked this page to go through the recommended links :)

    Keep rocking, man!


    P.S. You’re welcome to write about Engagement From Scratch on my blog ;)

  5. says

    Really great links. You are doing nice job by tasting and testing these links so that others need not waste their time in search of best links or best food.

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