Finding Your Writing Voice: The Challenge of Telling Your Story

“Stories constitute the single most powerful weapon in a leader’s arsenal.”
~ Dr. Howard Gardner, Prof. Harvard Univ.

“You’re a great story teller! You should write about your experiences.”

You’ve heard this so often that you decide to use those experiences to create a blog. You buy a domain name, install WordPress, and get your blog set up just the way you want it to look.

You sit down to write but the words come out flat, even phoney. You can’t quite infuse your writing with the same captivating authenticity with which you tell your stories in person. What is happening?

Could it be that you are missing the interaction with a live audience?  Are you missing the furrowed eyebrows, fascinated faces or raucous laughter?

Without this immediate feedback, you may feel a like you’re in a void or have a persistent sense that “something is missing!”

This leads to you wondering if you are getting your message across. If you are lucky, you receive feedback in written comments or email replies. But sometimes, you might not get any feedback at all.  Uncertainty begins to creep in.

Tweet it! When your writing voice feels forced or you’re uncertain, you begin to lose confidence.

Where is that voice that can hold an audience with ease?
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16 Design Mistakes That Make Visitors Bounce From Your Website – And How to Fix Them

Admit it…You’re confused.

You’ve been told again and again: web design really matters. Your website is the window to the world.

You’re pretty sure your website design ticks all the right boxes. You have professional photos, a logo, a sign up form, and your website has a brand image.

And that’s good, right?

But your website is not converting as successfully as you’d hoped, and you start to wonder… could it be the design? Because you know that website visitors have low attention spans and little patience. They want information now, and decision making has to be effortless.

You desperately want them to stay hooked on your pages. You want to seduce the socks off them. You want them to buy, click and share.

But what if your visitors are having a terrible time on your website? What if they are regularly bouncing away?

And what if it’s because you’ve made a few goofball mistakes?

Time to banish that confusion and fix those website mistakes!
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The Three Things Expert Social Media Advice Can’t Tell You

social media adviceThere is simply no shortage of social media experts giving advice on what platforms to use, specific tips and tools, and providing updates on the latest developments. However, expert advice, while valuable and incredibly helpful, can only get us so far.

In a rush to join the latest platform, optimize our images or figure out Facebook’s latest changes, most of us tend to get caught up in the “how” of social media when the real focus should be on the “why”.

Without understanding your “why” for social media, you can easily become disconnected from the true foundation of your social media strategy.

Here are the three things expert social media advice can’t tell you.
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How To Turn Pro Before Launching Your Website

Having a website is extremely important for the success of your business. It’s your piece of online real estate and a vehicle to establish sustainable income.

However, owning a successful website comes with lots of responsibilities. These days you need an active blog, a newsletter, strong social media presence, and maybe a YouTube channel or a podcast.

Beyond all of that, you need to have a unique selling proposition and a clearly defined target audience.

There’s a lot to take in and it’s easy to rush the process and not get the results that you want.

I must tell you, hindsight is a powerful thing. Having now gone through the process of starting a few websites, I wish I had slowed down and taken the time to get clear before launching my website. This would have saved me a ton of time and would have ensured success more quickly.

Many of us are starting online businesses on the side with the hopes of eventually leaving our day jobs.

Once we get the idea of starting a successful business, it’s easy to get excited and run at 100 miles an hour, compromising our health and relationships along the way.

It really doesn’t have to be this way. In fact, you could have an effective business with just a landing page and an email list (more on that later).

In this post, I’m going teach you how to turn pro in your business without having the pressure of building and running a website straight off the bat.

I want this to be as actionable as possible for you, so I’ve broken down the process into 8 simple steps.

Let’s get into it.
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