The Three Things Expert Social Media Advice Can’t Tell You

social media adviceThere is simply no shortage of social media experts giving advice on what platforms to use, specific tips and tools, and providing updates on the latest developments. However, expert advice, while valuable and incredibly helpful, can only get us so far.

In a rush to join the latest platform, optimize our images or figure out Facebook’s latest changes, most of us tend to get caught up in the “how” of social media when the real focus should be on the “why”.

Without understanding your “why” for social media, you can easily become disconnected from the true foundation of your social media strategy.

Here are the three things expert social media advice can’t tell you.
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How To Turn Pro Before Launching Your Website

website launchHaving a website is extremely important for the success of your business. It’s your piece of online real estate and a vehicle to establish sustainable income.

However, owning a successful website comes with lots of responsibilities. These days you need an active blog, a newsletter, strong social media presence, and maybe a YouTube channel or a podcast.

Beyond all of that, you need to have a unique selling proposition and a clearly defined target audience.

There’s a lot to take in and it’s easy to rush the process and not get the results that you want.

I must tell you, hindsight is a powerful thing. Having now gone through the process of starting a few websites, I wish I had slowed down and taken the time to get clear before launching my website. This would have saved me a ton of time and would have ensured success more quickly.

Many of us are starting online businesses on the side with the hopes of eventually leaving our day jobs.

Once we get the idea of starting a successful business, it’s easy to get excited and run at 100 miles an hour, compromising our health and relationships along the way.

It really doesn’t have to be this way. In fact, you could have an effective business with just a landing page and an email list (more on that later).

In this post, I’m going teach you how to turn pro in your business without having the pressure of building and running a website straight off the bat.

I want this to be as actionable as possible for you, so I’ve broken down the process into 8 simple steps.

Let’s get into it.
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I’m a Marketer. Am I a Liar?

Honest Marketing“Don’t believe in advertisements” is about as profound of a life lesson as how you should look both ways before crossing the street and how kicking your caffeine addiction always seems like a good idea until morning comes.

We learn to doubt marketing before we can do basic math.

Imagine someone who’d be the perfect customer for you sees your marketing and thinks it’s dishonest. Will they buy?

Realistically, few people actually expect you to be lying. But they don’t really believe you either. They feel like you probably exaggerate or mislead somehow because that’s what they expect all marketing to be like.

So, unless you have the marketing budget of a weapons manufacturer who can tell the lies so many times that people start to believe them, you have to be smarter. You have to make your marketing easy to believe.

You’ll be surprised by how many more people will gladly buy from you when your marketing is more believable than your competitors’.
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10 Tips for Keeping Overhead Costs under Control

overhead costsStarting your own small business can be a thrilling experience! But, it can quickly become thrilling in the wrong kind of way if you don’t carefully monitor your start-up expenses.

While the old business mantra “you have to spend money to make money” has merit, you shouldn’t have to spend more than is truly necessary, especially when you’re on a tight budget.

While there are certain business costs that you can’t cut, there are a lot of ways you can save on your operational expenses. Here are 10 ideas to help you keep overhead costs low while getting your business off the ground.
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5 Marketing Lessons From Justin Timberlake

marketing lessons justin timberlakeJustin Timberlake: that fine young gent has it all.

The incredibly successful career, the girl, the adoring fans, and even his own brand of tequila. Can things get any better for him?

One wonders. For about a millisecond. And then one carries on thinking about business, and life, and how on earth one will find time to market, and sell, and grow.

Could it be that if we stopped and analyzed how Justin has strategically developed his career, we’d find some key trends that can be applied to our own business? Even if our business has nothing to do with music? Or tequila? Or ‘bringing sexy back’?
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The Business Alchemy of Google+ Hangouts on Air: How to Uplevel Your G+ HOA Events, Even If You “Refuse to Use Google+”

Google Hangouts on Air MonetizationEditors note: Debbie submitted so much great content for this post, we asked her to keep it all and break it into two posts! The last post covered the basic benefits of hosting G+ HOAs for your business. Today’s post will show you how to level up your performance and monetize your event.

Tweet it! One of the great benefits of Google+ Hangouts on Air is that you don’t need to put in a lot of effort with Google+ to begin enjoying the results in your business. And by results, we mean clients, audience and – of course – profits.

While planning your first few Hangouts on Air events that include influencers can be more time consuming than you anticipate, there are some excellent outcomes you can experience if you want to dive in deep and possibly become a leader in your business niche, or in digital marketing.

Despite the power of the tool, there are still very few people trying to use Google Hangouts on Air to create conversations for their business. So it’s open territory for you to develop your specialty content and have it distributed far and wide, even deep into Google+.

So how exactly does your special Hangout event translate into clients and profits? Let’s find out.

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5 Unique Strategies Most Entrepreneurs Aren’t Using To Increase Sales (and Profit)

growing businessHere’s a scary thought: every single time you open your eyes in the morning, you will have HUNDREDS of new competitors.

Every single day, these competitors are desperately trying to scratch and claw their way to getting just a tiny sliver of market share. Market share you once had.

Put that on top of the fact that it’s becoming harder and harder to gain attention from your audience, add in higher advertising costs, and you come to one conclusion.

When you get a new customer, you must do everything humanly possible to provide as much value as possible while developing that relationship.

If you’re like most people, you might have a traditional upsell sequence in place which helps fill out your back-end to increase customer lifetime value.

That’s a good start, but it’s just the beginning.
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5 Reasons To Treat Your Successful Social Media Campaigns like a Car, not a Rocket

successful social media campaignsPlanning a social media campaign should be easy, right?

“We are going to be tweeting three times a day, posting a picture to Instagram every other day, and updating Facebook once a week. The campaign will reach 10,000,000 people over the course of two months. It will cost $1,500, and bring in an estimated $5,000 in revenue.”

It would be nice if it worked exactly like that, wouldn’t it?

Unfortunately it doesn’t work anything like that. Tweet it! A social media campaign isn’t a rocket: you can’t just program everything and enjoy the ride.

The path to social media success is full of obstacles and tough decisions that need to be made along the way. If you treat your campaign like a rocket, chances are you’ll miss your target. Instead, treat it  like a car and steer your campaign to success. 
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The Audience Alchemy of Google+ Hangouts on Air: Why You Should Start Hosting G+ HOAs, Even If You “Hate Google”

Google Hangouts on Air BasicsEditors note: Debbie submitted so much great content for this post, we asked her to keep it all and break it into two posts! Today’s post covers the basic benefits of hosting G+ HOAs for your business; part 2 will get into uplevel strategies to monetize your efforts!

One of the most common challenges faced by entrepreneurs and experts trying to make a name for themselves online is the sense that there are just too many platforms and tools to be able to manage them all, let alone be using them to the level of positioning yourself as an authority in business.

If you can figure out Facebook, then there’s Twitter, and LinkedIn and YouTube, and at least a dozen other trendy social sites their experts say are needed to successfully market your business “for free”.

And while you’re busy wrangling your communities on each of the major platforms, finding some success on a few, and unsure of how to use others… there’s always the need to create branded digital content that Google likes (for your website/blog), that builds your overall reputation online.

I’ve found that creating a signature YouTube livestream show (using G+ Hangouts on Air) for your business, is an effective, efficient, and unexpected way to create fresh, compelling content for all your niche social communities and platforms.

Additionally, there are some surprising individual benefits you can enjoy by sticking with Google+ Hangouts on Air (the underdog of social media) to create a branded show for your business.

If you’re ready to simplify your content and social media marketing, you’re in the right place! Let’s dive in to the basics of how you could use Google Hangouts on Air for your business, shall we?
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6 Reasons Your Subscribers Don’t Care about Your Emails – and What to Do About It

email marketing best practicesAll marketers would like to think that subscribers experience a warm, fuzzy feeling inside when they see an email from them. In reality, many such messages evoke a sigh of exasperation, followed by a cursory skim at best, or a click of the “unsubscribe” link at worst.

Why does it happen?

Fickleness, small attention spans, impossible standards – excuses abound for why marketers don’t feel bound to follow email marketing’s best practices.

But the truth is, nowadays people have the luxury to choose from an almost infinite number of products and services. No wonder they have zero tolerance for bad practices or mediocrity!

Tweet it! To survive, your content marketing has to evolve past the point of “good enough” into “indispensable”. The time has come to take a long hard look at what you might be doing wrong – and instead do what the best email newsletters are doing right.

What prevents your readers from gleefully devouring each new email? Let’s find out.
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The Super-Simple Method Smart Bloggers Use To Write Great Content

write great contentListen to any blogging expert and they’ll give you this same well-worn advice:

If you want traffic you need to write great content.

If you want more readers you need to write great content.

If you want to make money from your blog you need to write great content.

Tweet it! There’s no denying that the most successful blogs out there have some truly great writing.

But, who else thinks “write great content” is actually pretty lame advice to give someone like you who wants to get noticed? Someone like you who wants to get recognised and applauded for the quality of their content and make a difference? Someone who wants to change lives and simply make their mark on this world?

I mean, have you ever sat down with the intention of writing crappy content?

Of course not.

You’re smart. You already know great content is how you stand out, get recognised and grow an entertaining, relevant blog. Right?

Still, you can’t help wondering …
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Google’s Changing: 4 Inbound Marketing Practices to Retain Your Ranking 

inbound marketingWhether you’ve noticed it or not, Google has been making a lot of changes to its search algorithms – the search engine mogul has introduced 45 major algorithm updates in the last three years, in addition to about 600 small modifications it makes annually.

And because 89% of buyers use search engine queries to make purchase decisions, Google ranking has a significant effect on online marketing. Your online marketing, to be specific. In order to succeed, businesses must develop a strong online presence, one that plays well with Google.

As growing competition makes it increasingly difficult to maintain a salient presence online, optimizing your content according to Google’s rules is crucial. This means generating original and helpful content, conducting proper SEO, (search engine optimization) and providing informative answers to specific questions.

By employing quality inbound marketing strategies like these, your company can not only avoid penalization by Google’s new search technology, but can benefit from a correct approach to online marketing as well. Digital inbound marketing is moving forward with Google – make sure you don’t get left behind.

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