An Introduction to Monetizing Your Blog

MonetizingToday, in Fireside Chats with Danny Iny, we’re going to be talking about something that everyone thinks about, most people want, and few people would say they have enough of…

Money. ;-)

Specifically, we’re going to be talking about monetization, and turning the audience you’re working so hard to build, into an income that you can live on and more.

This is one of the things that we get asked about the most by new business owners – and fairly! They know that having a blog can lead to making money – but there is a whole lot of conflicting information as to how that actually happens.

So let’s talk about making money…

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Real Customer Relationships with Ten Thousand People?

ten-thousandIt will come as no surprise to most of you reading that over here at Firepole Marketing, we’re HUGE on engagement.

We answer every email we get as quickly as possible, and, so far as we are able, we help our readers and community through their marketing and business issues without charging them a penny until they’re ready to become clients or students.

I’m sure you can imagine that’s a lot of work. Worthwhile, of course, but a sometimes staggering commitment. So that’s what this podcast is all about: how to have a real relationship with ten thousand subscribers.

Many of the principles regarding engagement that we follow were built into the very foundations of Firepole Marketing, and we grew with and adjusted to them over time. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t make engagement an important part of your marketing at any stage – you’re never too big or too small for it.

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A Product Launch that Generates the Big Bucks? They’re Easier Than You Think!

Product launches – it’s a topic that means a lot to just about everyone who’s running a business.

And you know what? There is a *ton* of mis-information out there about product launches – and there’s a pretty good reason for that:

When people are teaching about it they’re usually in the middle of one themselves!

Product launches can seem much, much more complex than they really are, and we’d like to set the record straight. Let it be said, once and for all, that crafting a product launch does not have to be that difficult. In fact, they can be pretty simple once you have understand how to look at them.

So that’s what you’ll find in this podcast; step-by-step instructions on how to plan and execute a product launch for anything you’d want to sell…

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Hiring Strategies: How Danny Iny Built the Firepole Marketing Team

Long ago in days of yore, a young baker wanted more out of life than flour and dead fruit.

She consulted Craigslist, and noticed an ad looking to hire an Entrepreneur’s Assistant.

Could this be it? She wondered. Could this be an opportunity to use that third of a business degree, and sadly untapped creativity?

It turned out that it was! That was the first time I’d ever seen any mention of Danny Iny – and none at all yet of Firepole Marketing. Little did I know then that two and a half years later I’d still be on his team, helping to create this Fireside Chat series.

Almost every business needs to go through the process of hiring at some point and it’s exciting because it means you’re growing. But, knowing exactly how and when to go about it – that can be a challenge.

So today’s topic is all about hiring strategies, and what it’s been like for us to grow from one to two to four, how to tell if you’re ready to expand your staff, as well as the best way to go about it.

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Tim Ferriss On How To Market A Book

Today’s episode of Fireside Chats with Danny Iny, is a special treat: an interview best-selling author Tim Ferriss about his new book, the Four Hour Chef.

He and Danny explore marketing, book launches and how to get the most out of your audience.

Tim Feriss has previously launched two internationally acclaimed books to resounding success, and he shares the techniques that he considers the most important to planning and executing a successful book launch.

Always ready with good information, Tim provides not only his methodology, but enough of a reading list that anyone should be able to mimic his fantastic success.

And it doesn’t matter what your market is, what you’re offering, or how successful you’ve been in the past – Tim has information that will help you make the absolute most out of what you’ve got, and show you how to get more attention, favorable reviews, and better relationships with industry leaders.

Click here to download the transcript.

Click here to listen to Tim’s awesome book launch ideas and advice:

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The Ghoulies, Ghosties and Long-Leggedy Beasties That Plague Our Businesses (Fireside Chat with Danny Iny)

Happy Halloween guys and ghouls!

I hope you’re all costumed and candied and well ready for this edition of Fireside Chats with Danny Iny, because today, we’re going to be talking about the ghoulies and ghosties and long leggedy beasties of your business: Monster Customers.

Monster Customers are something that you never imagine when you’re starting your business, but as you ramp up and gain traction you start to notice that there a tons of customers driving you crazy with neediness or greediness and generally annoying behavior.

This podcast goes over who these Monster Customers are, why they act the way they do, and how you can deal with them without losing business or your cool… [Read more...]

How to Completely Screw Up a Webinar and Still Make Thousands of Dollars (Fireside Chat with Danny Iny)

Welcome to the very first Fireside chat with Danny Iny!

We’re excited to bring this new podcast to you in the hopes that you can benefit and learn from hearing a casual conversation with the Freddy Krueger of Blogging.

Today we’re going to be talking about a webinar we ran a few weeks ago called Naked Marketing: Alignment, Attraction and Engagement – a webinar that didn’t go exactly as planned, but still ended up being a profitable exercise.

We post a lot of information, and make a lot of videos, offer a lot of training and generally, tell you what to do all the time.

So this is a little different.

This is a conversation about a few mistakes that we made, what they meant for our business, and what we learned from them…

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