Inside Firepole: Meet the Team, “Ask Me Anything” Edition

Meet the Team : Ask Me Anything EditionBack in January at our annual company retreat, the Editorial team decided that, in order to stay true to one of our core values, “Openness and Transparency”, we wanted to open the curtain on the company to give you a chance to see how things really work behind the scenes – hence the “Inside Firepole” series.

When we were trying to decide what to feature this time around, we bounced a few ideas back and forth… and then it hit us. Why not ask our audience exactly what they wanted to know?

So we did… and you did not disappoint!

When first envisioned this post, we imagined that it would be a single post answering all the questions that people asked, but we ended up getting so many great questions that we’re breaking the answers into multiple posts.

So what was the most pressing question that came up?

First up: who are the members of the team, really? Not just in our daytoday at Firepole, but what do we do when we’re not working for Firepole?

The two questions we’re answering today are:

  1. What private projects are you working on when you’re not helping students with their businesses?
  2. Why do the student advisors work for Firepole instead of dedicating their time to building their own businesses using the ABM method?

Our audience didn’t pull any punches, and so today we’re laying bare the stories and side hustles of some of the people behind the scenes here at Firepole. From freelancers to small business owners to bloggers and everything in between, we run the spectrum of online business types.

Truth is, there are quite a few of us who are working on building our ABM (Audience Business Masterclass) and CBL (Course Builder’s Laboratory) businesses behind the scenes. You just don’t hear about it because as a full-time job, Firepole is our main priority.

We’re just like any of you who are working a full time job and doing your best to build your side hustle. Luckily, we have a boss who understands, and who has created a company culture where it’s not only understood, but supported!

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4 Tips to Podcast Greatness

Ever try to find great podcasting tips online? Go ahead and Google it. I’ll wait.

Let me guess – you’ve just been hit by an avalanche of articles telling you all you need is a decent mic, some recording software, and a little technical know-how.

Choose your topic, learn about Libsyn, and you’re all set to start your own killer podcast. As for content, it’s not that different than blogging out loud. Easy, right?

Wrong! It’s a big, dirty lie.

Who am I to say that?

I might be new to the podcasting scene, but I’ve got almost two decades under my belt as a radio broadcaster: on the air, producing shows, coaching talent, and audio production. I know what makes great audio, what compels people to listen, and it’s not your extensive knowledge of metadata.

There are so many podcasters out there – even some of the biggest names – who just don’t get it.

The nature of audio is this: when you’ve stripped your listeners of the one sense they rely on most, their vision, you leave them vulnerable.

They can’t look to you for the visual cues they rely on in everyday life. You’ve become a voice in their heads, almost like their own inner commentary. Because of this, the line between you and your listener is blurred, and it’s far more intimate. This is why audio loves honesty.

Audio is theater of the mind.

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Anxiety, Surrender, and the Magical Beauty of Things Happening at the Right Time

the Magical Beauty of Things Happening at the Right TimeThe first weeks of life are truly magical.

My daughter was born just a few weeks ago, and it’s amazing how much personality is already evident in a baby that would seem to do little more than sleep, eat, and poop.

But no, the personality is definitely there, and every day I learn something new about her.

That, more than anything else, is why I’m so grateful to step back from my work for the next few months, to be completely present with my daughter, and my wife.

And thank goodness, because I see so vividly how quickly each moment is gone!

It feels idyllic, but I can’t help but reflect on how differently things could have gone – because on so many levels, this time has been years and years in the making.

Beginning with the pregnancy itself…

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Inside Firepole: More First Impressions from Even More New Team Members

20150528Here we grow again!

It’s nonstop action here at Firepole. Launches launched, blog posts posted, babies being born… And we have even more new team member perspectives. Here’s another inside look at what it’s like to join Firepole Marketing from our newest team members.

Lizzie Merritt

When I first attended a Firepole marketing webinar, I got the feeling that this company was different. Danny and his team just gave off a vibe of integrity and authenticity. I liked them from the start.

That initial gut feeling has been validated many times over in my first few weeks at Firepole.

I had seen a few “We’re hiring” emails from Firepole before. But the one for Student Advisor caught my attention. I thought, “I have experience with students. Maybe I would be a good fit for this job.” The interview process was quite a ride, and I was thrilled when Danny asked me to join the team.

I heard someone say that starting at Firepole is a little bit like drinking from the fire hose. Yes, there is a lot to take on board, and I still have so much to learn. But at the same time, I have felt completely supported and welcome the whole way.

The feeling I get from the Student Support Team is: we all succeed together. I have gotten so much support from Megan and all of the other Student Advisors.

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