Project ABC: How I Created a Profitable Offer

abcHave you ever launched a new service or offer only to be met with crickets?

Me too. I remember early on I’d release something new, sit by the computer with anticipation, then watch tumbleweed sweep across my computer screen.

It’s discouraging to put your heart into something only to have it flop.

Tweet it! You know your audience needs what you’re offering. So why aren’t they biting?

Over the last few months, I’ve learned a few strategies to help me lead my audience from disinterested to curious to enthusiastic in a matter of months.
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5 Surefire Ways to Increase Customer Engagement on Your Company Facebook Page

Facebook engagementWith approximately 900 million unique visitors every month, Facebook is the undisputed king of social media sites. (For comparison, Twitter only gets about 310 million visitors every month.)

So of course you’ve heard that Facebook is vital to your marketing and business success. After all, anyone can create a Facebook page for their business, and dream about engaging millions of fans on their new page.

But, not everyone can engage their customers and establish real relationships with their audience. Creating a Facebook page that inspires and engages readers can seem daunting, even impossible.

So how do you actually establish relationships and actively interact with your audience – and your customers – on Facebook? Here are five tips you can use to strengthen and build customer engagement on your Facebook page.
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CEI 054: The Art of Blogging with Jon Morrow

CEI54Jon Morrow, formerly an associate editor of Copyblogger, is *the* big name in the world of blogging.

He also happens to be a friend and mentor of Danny’s, and that’s why he’s on our podcast today!

A self-described blogging nerd, Jon Morrow  is now the CEO of Boost Blog Traffic, a company whose monthly revenue is around $100,000. So you can imagine we’re excited to pick Jon’s brain about the art of blogging and running an online business!

Just click play on the podcast below to listen as Danny asks Jon about the current rumor that guest posting is dead, whether you need to be a great writing in order to make blogging work for your business, and where Jon would recommend beginning bloggers first spend their time.

Podcast run time: 25 min 11 seconds

Click here to download the transcript.
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Create Your Own Infographics with These Awesome Free and Low-Cost Tools

create infographicsInfographics are a visual representation of information that, once seen, can really stand out as a part of your overall digital marketing strategy.

Statistics and information jump off the page in colorful, bold, fun graphics, grabbing your readers’ attention and translating that information into useful data that can be easily digested.

To put it simply: Tweet it! Infographics are a really awesome way to make otherwise boring numbers and text interesting and memorable.

But you’ve probably heard of all this before, right? The problem isn’t that you hate infographics. The problem is that you don’t know how to create them. After all, chances are you’re not a graphic designer by trade!

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Online Networking: The Little-Known Problem That’s Sabotaging Your Chances of Connecting With Influential Bloggers

online networking

You’re working hard to connect with influential bloggers in your niche. But you can’t help wondering if you’re being ignored.

It’s a horrible thought, isn’t it?

You’re doing all the things the experts tell you to do if you want these connections to lead to your content being linked to, talked about and shared to the 1000s of people who follow these influential bloggers. But …

It still feels like you’re invisible.

Your emails go unanswered. Your content isn’t getting linked to, or talked about, or shared.

What’s going wrong? Why aren’t those expert online networking tactics working for you?
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Marketing Mistakes @Fizzle, @MarieForleo, and @Copyblogger Make that Can Give You an Edge

marketing mistakesIn the online marketing circles, before you have tens of thousands of subscribers, you’re considered a small fish in a huge lake.

The big sites have a big advantage, which you have to overcome.: people are used to reading those sites, and they won’t pay attention to your stuff easily.

Fortunately for you, even the biggest sites make some mistakes. And if you avoid making the same mistakes, you have an advantage.

Topping their success still won’t be automatic, but at least you have a good chance.

I made a video about just one of these mistakes previously. In that video I critiqued Think Traffic, Copyblogger, and Derek Halpern. This time Derek dodged the bullet, but Marie Forleo takes his place.
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Story Arcs and Split Testing: How I Raised My Email Open Rates by 272% (And You Can Too)

email open rates“You know the emails you send out from A-list Blogging? Well, I see them in my inbox, but I hardly ever read them, because I hate the style you use. It’s all so ra-ra-ra!”

I sighed.

Birgit is German and doesn’t cushion her blows. Not even for her best friend.

But what she said next made me pump my fist!

I’ll tell you about it in a moment, but let me quickly give you the back-story first.

I Sucked at Writing Emails

I’ve heard a lot of advice on how to ‘keep an email-list warm’ over the years. I knew I had to deliver value to my subscribers. But I just couldn’t do it.

In fact, I only sent out emails during launches – which was a really dumb move.

The reason I sucked at writing emails was because I was nervous about giving away too much information. After all, I wanted people to buy our courses and didn’t want to give it all away for free.

And then, one day, I finally *got* it.

My email open rates immediately jumped from 18.6 to 50.5 percent – which is a boost of 272%. And my click rate (that’s the count of how many people click on links in an email), went through the roof from 1.8 to 5.8 percent – which is an increase of 322%!

Read on to find out exactly what I changed, and how you can boost your stats too.
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CEI 053: Success on Amazon with Ryan Moran

ryan moranIf the possibility of using Amazon as a sales or business platform has ever made you go, “Hey, that might be a great idea!,” then you’re going to love today’s podcast.

Our guest on today’s show is Ryan Moran, an 8-year veteran of the online marketing space who now specializes in building businesses on Amazon.

Now, you might be thinking that building a business based on Amazon sounds a bit risky. And like any online platform, it can be – if you don’t know what you’re doing.

However, if you focus on building a business, not just a quick source of cash, it is possible to build a sustainable business using the Amazon platform.

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Why Guest Blogging is Like Doing Laundry (And How to Get Both Done)!

guest bloggingWhen you’re trying to get the word out about your new business, building your audience, and making connections, there’s a lot of guest blogging to do.

I’m assuming you’re pretty aware of this since you’re here on Freddy Krueger’s site. And just like tackling the never-ending cycles of laundry in your household (especially if you have kids), it can seem overwhelming at first.

But there’s a simple process to doing both…
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