How To Set Up a Webinar For $0 Using Google Hangouts

Don’t hide behind the “I am not tech-ie” defeating self-talk as an excuse.Webinars have become very popular for marketing, promotions, and launches. It is a great way for solo entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, service professionals, and small business owners to build their lists, share their messages, and promote their products and services.

It also allows us to effectively build a personal connection with our audience to accelerate the “like, know, and trust” factor – as long as we are willing to step up and be truthful, honest and transparent in our communication.

We don’t have to look far for proof– Danny here are Firepole Marketing did a million dollar launch for the Course Builder Lab using a combination of videos and live webinars. And he routinely holds webinars to promote the Audience Business Master Class to JV partners.

If you have been thinking about doing webinars but are stuck in analysis paralysis. If you have not been able to get started with your webinars because you don’t know which platform to use, how to get the technology to work, or feel reluctant to invest in one of those expansive tools before you are certain that a webinar is indeed a good fit for your style and your business – I get it.

I was there just a couple of months ago when I decided I didn’t want to wait any longer. So I gave Google Hangout a try – seeing that many of the new webinar tools are integrating with Google Hangout for broadcasting and recording.

Not only is Google Hangout free, but it also allows you to have unlimited attendees, and it records and post to YouTube automatically – using the same link for live broadcast and the recording – saving you not only trouble, but also storage space!

After a lot of trial- and-error, and some pigheaded determination to make it work – I managed to put together an entire webinar sequence using existing no- or low-cost tools and Google Hangout – from sign up all the way to replay, and pulled off my first webinar with success.

I want to share with you the entire process in this post, so you too can share your message and promote your offers through a webinar without the technology confusion, or having to invest a good chunk of change upfront before knowing if webinar is beneficial to your business.

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4 Tips to Podcast Greatness

Ever try to find great podcasting tips online? Go ahead and Google it. I’ll wait.

Let me guess – you’ve just been hit by an avalanche of articles telling you all you need is a decent mic, some recording software, and a little technical know-how.

Choose your topic, learn about Libsyn, and you’re all set to start your own killer podcast. As for content, it’s not that different than blogging out loud. Easy, right?

Wrong! It’s a big, dirty lie.

Who am I to say that?

I might be new to the podcasting scene, but I’ve got almost two decades under my belt as a radio broadcaster: on the air, producing shows, coaching talent, and audio production. I know what makes great audio, what compels people to listen, and it’s not your extensive knowledge of metadata.

There are so many podcasters out there – even some of the biggest names – who just don’t get it.

The nature of audio is this: when you’ve stripped your listeners of the one sense they rely on most, their vision, you leave them vulnerable.

They can’t look to you for the visual cues they rely on in everyday life. You’ve become a voice in their heads, almost like their own inner commentary. Because of this, the line between you and your listener is blurred, and it’s far more intimate. This is why audio loves honesty.

Audio is theater of the mind.

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Overcome Your Entrepreneurial Fears: Stories from People Who’ve Done It

Success leaves clues.You’ve done it. You’ve decided to start your own business and quit your job. Congratulations!

Even if you’re one of the lucky ones and have enough cash stockpiled for a decent “runway,” you probably still feel a twinge of fear and uncertainty around your decision despite your confidence in your obsessive work ethic and ability to focus.

You’re scared out of your mind. But it’s OK. You are not alone.

Remember you chose the path less traveled for a number of good reasons. You want more control over your schedule. You desire more autonomy. And you are sick of working yourself to the bone to make someone ELSE rich.

So then why are you waking up at 2 AM flooded with thoughts like…

Is my business idea sound? What if I run out of money? Is the niche I’ve chosen too crowded? Do my friends and family think I’ve lost my mind for giving up a steady paycheck and benefits? Will I have enough customers or clients to keep afloat and pay my bills?

What separates those that go on to become successful entrepreneurs vs. those we call “wantrapreneurs” are a few battle-tested beliefs, habits and systems.

While their resolve may be tested along the way, they now have their failsafe in place ensuring that they’ll never be down for long.

So, what do they do differently than the other 85% of businesses that fail in the first few years?

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CEI 119: The Gazelles of Scaling Up with Verne Harnish

In terms of business growth, what do you consider yourself? A mouse, a gazelle, or an elephant? Today’s guest Verne Harnish, talks about  his passion – helping businesses scale up, and what it takes to become a ‘gazelle.’

So let’s get started! All you have to do is click the play button below.

Podcast runtime: 22 min 15 seconds | Transcript

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12 Simple Tactics To Writing Viral Articles That Spread Like Wildfire

your website just went down. But you’re smiling.The server with your website just went down. But you’re smiling.

It’s that article that you published yesterday. It brought so much traffic to your site that your hosting company simply couldn’t handle it.

To be honest, I’ve never been in these shoes myself.

I wrote a few articles which were very successful, but I was never able to make my server go down (though I always wanted to).

So if you’re like me and you consider killing your website with traffic an accomplishment rather than trouble, you’re going to enjoy the tips I have for you below.

Most of them are based on my personal experience of writing viral articles and quite a few were stolen from other popular bloggers. Read More…

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