How I Got 100’s of Followers & Subscribers by Publishing on LinkedIn

spend time writing a great headlineUntil recently, I always recommended that content marketers focus on high ROI activities like guest posting and SEO while limiting time on social media.

However, I was able to get 1 and 3 articles featured on LinkedIn Pulse by putting my own tips into practice.

While I do still recommend high ROI activities over social media, LinkedIn’s decision to open up its publishing platform to its members has created an exciting opportunity that a lot of marketers haven’t taken advantage of yet.

I signed up for early access in 2014 and spent over a month studying top posts that got featured on the Pulse and released the details of my findings on my blog.

Then the fun began, and I started experimenting with writing my own articles for LinkedIn.

Getting featured on a LinkedIn channel greatly increases your article views and accelerates your audience growth. However, most writers rarely (if ever) get featured.

Despite experimenting with different ideas and approaches, I was able to get one out of three posts featured on a LinkedIn channel. More importantly, I was able to generate hundreds of LinkedIn followers and new email subscribers to my list.

Want to do the same? Then here are some techniques and tips that helped me accomplish that you can use, too.

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Firepole Funnies #23: Morning Rush


Enjoying the Firepole Funnies?

If you liked what you read here, please let Christina (and the rest of the Firepole team) know in the comments below. Feel free to suggest future comic strip ideas – we can’t guarantee we’ll use your idea, but we’re always open to suggestions!
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Niche Marketing: What Is It, and Do I Really Need To Do It?

Your niche is your sword.“What’s your niche?”

These three little words strike more terror into the hearts and minds of idealistic new entrepreneurs than any others.

Has this ever been you?

You start a blog about your passions and write what you’re sure is the most amazing content on the planet. After several months, hardly anyone aside from your mom and your partner is reading. And those who are reading don’t leave comments or even click the friggin’ ‘like’ button!

So you do some research to try to figure out the problem, and everywhere you look the experts are talking about choosing a niche. It appears to be a technique for improving your reach and bottom line by removing all the passion from the topic you’ve been so passionately writing about and confining your message to a neat and sterile package with one… horribly… narrow… focus.

Panic takes hold. Is this what it takes to have a successful business?!

  • What if I pick the wrong thing?!
  • I’ll be missing so many other opportunities!
  • I’ll be ignoring most of my potential customers and leaving money on the table!
  • I’ll be so bored focusing on just one thing!

Frustration mounts. Despair sinks in. You think about giving up.

Or worse, you actually give up.

Sadly, many budding entrepreneurs of all kinds suffer from these debilitating fears, but it doesn’t need to be this way.

The above concerns all seem to be valid and make sense, but the fact is that knowing your niche is highly beneficial to your business – it’s not a cruel and terrible joke created by the universe to torment the intrepid souls who dare to reach for something more in their life by starting a business.

What’s going on here is just a little misunderstanding- of what a niche is, what it means to embrace one, and how to go about it.

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BR06: Ted McGrath on the Reimagination of Story and Mission in Business

Ted McGrath is a coach to speakers and entrepreneurs, a performer, and an expert in the use and application of stories in business.

But what makes him so unique in this?

He takes the approach in marketing that we aren’t all alike, and while we can relate to each other, we are all very different – and extraordinary – people. And he believes it’s this message we should share in our businesses.

Ted walks the walk and discusses his own difficult, and sometimes embarrassing, past, from his feelings of not being good enough to almost dying after he discovered in his twenties that he was earning six figures.

Download the transcript here.

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Marketing Strategy Overload: Stop Wasting Time and Focus on Marketing that Really Works

Surefire Signs You’re Stuck in the Marketing BusyworkAre you suffering from marketing overload scrambling to get it all done?

Not sure what marketing efforts are delivering new clients to your door (and which ones aren’t)?

You’re definitely not alone!

According to InfusionSoft, 55% of small business owners said they don’t have enough time to get everything done.

And those same business owners were much more likely to invest time (not money) into their marketing efforts.

Guess what?

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