Are These Bullshit Excuses Stopping You From Sharing Your Knowledge With the World?

Admit it: you want to be famous.

Maybe not real-world famous. You don’t daydream about paparazzi chasing you on your way to red-carpet Hollywood premiers. You don’t want to see your face on the cover of a magazine at the grocery checkout.

But, you do want to be known in your industry. You want people to recognize your name online. You want to be mentioned in top blogs as an example of someone who’s doing online business right.

Isn’t that the whole point of building an audience-based business? It’s so customers will know who you are. So people will trust you and come back to you for solutions. So you’ll be recognized as an authority in your niche.

There’s just one small problem:

You Don’t Feel Qualified

Sure, you’ve been working in your industry for a while. You know something about your topic. But do you really know enough to call yourself an authority? Can you really put your voice out there next to the top leaders in your niche and claim you have something worthwhile to add?

Who do you think you are, anyway?

Maybe you’re right. Maybe you’re not qualified to be an online authority. Maybe you have no idea what you’re talking about and nothing valuable to say.

But I doubt it.

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Building Quality Online Courses, For Yourself, For Your Audience and For the World

Building Quality Courses, For Yourself, For Your Audience and for the WorldI sucked at college.

Really, totally sucked at it. In fact, I managed to fail calculus three times and lose a full-ride scholarship in my first year alone!

Did I give up then? Heck no. I kept at college for 5 years, trying different things, different programs, different everything. Eventually I finished with a completely useless (but very expensive) one year communications program.

I hated the pre-made schedules. I hated writing essays. I hated big classes and TAs. I hated having to take prerequisite courses that meant NOTHING to what I want to achieve. I hated the expense. I loathed group work of any kind. I’m on the record as disliking academia with a genuine passion. (Ask my mom!)

And now my job title is Director of Education.

Funny, eh?

The thing is, it was never learning I didn’t like. I loved and still love learning. I do it every day.

And I adore teaching. The process of transferring knowledge from one person to another is one of the most exciting and inspiring things that I’ve ever had the privilege to do.

But the problem wasn’t only with me. I’m not alone in my “bad fit” with traditional education, and not alone in my appreciation for learning – so I’d like to explore that a little bit today.
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CEI 103: Going Away on Business Retreats with Danny Iny

CEI103Sometimes, you just need to get away. In a professional setting like running your own business, this often means going on a retreat. A business retreat is a great time for your team to connect with each other, think about big picture strategy and refresh and recharge themselves for the work ahead.

Firepole Marketing has gone on retreat twice before, and we’re gearing up for our third and largest yet! This weekend, we’re leaving our offices and heading out into the Canadian wilderness to think of great things for the company. And, hopefully, for you.

But before we head out, Megan and Danny sat down to talk about the value of going away on a business retreat, how to plan one, and what to expect.

So let’s get started! All you have to do is click the play button below.

Podcast runtime: 15 min 07 seconds | Transcript

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The ONLY Resolution You Need to Make in 2015

Welcome to 2015!

On behalf of the entire Firepole Marketing team, I want to wish you and your loved ones a healthy, joyful and prosperous New Year.

And with another “dropping off the ball” comes yet another shiny list of resolutions.

Now let’s get something straight about the whole New Year’s Resolution thing. Some people love’em, others hate’em.

In fact, if we’re being honest about it, it’s been quite trendy in recent years to flat out decry resolutions as nothing but drunken utterances and mindless drivel.

“Screw resolutions – Where the hell’s my bubbly!”

(Overheard at my last NYE party… proclaimed emphatically enough to hear over Ryan Seacrest’s broadcast).

I prefer a middle ground.

You see, I believe there are two main problems with resolutions:

The first is that we have this awful habit of treating resolutions like a wish list of things we feel that we’re entitled to… something the universe will magically grant us if only we wished hard enough.

This becomes problematic when we never actually stop to think about the practical steps needed to achieve it. A critical path if you will.

The second issue is that we simply make too many resolutions to sustain. Sure I’d enjoy a 7-figure bank account, 6-pack abs, and copious amounts of free time to spend with loved ones while pursuing creative, emotional and spiritual bliss.

And yes, it’s great to have all those goals, but if we’re going to have any shot at creating lasting change in our lives, why not start with just one?

But with so many options on the table, how do you pick the most important… the most impactful – the one, that if accomplished, would really push the envelope in all other areas of your life?

“One Ring to Rule Them All” for all the LOTR fans out there.

Another issue I frequently here is the supposed conflict between personal and professional resolutions. Many people fail to realize that the two actually aren’t mutually exclusive, but interdependent.

If done right, creating lasting success in your business AND leading a fulfilling life are simply two sides of the same coin… and a well-thought out resolution has enough horsepower to cover them both.

So what kind of resolution are we talking about here?

If you want to know what I *truly* believe, it’s this:

The single most important resolution you can make this year (personally and professionally) is to make as BIG an impact as possible on the lives of as many people as possible.

Sounds simple enough, right? But it does require some deep thought as to how you’re going to apply it.

And the focus and clarity needed to properly align your goals and resolutions with your most authentic, impactful vision DOES require dedicated space and time.

For me, *retreats* are the ultimate form of conscious withdrawal as they give me a chance to escape from the hubbub of everyday life, both renewing myself and giving me a chance to create a clear vision for the upcoming year.

That’s why my team and I will officially be heading off to the mountains (officially off the grid) between January 4-11. And I totally encourage you to find some personal retreat time yourself… even if it’s just in a quiet corner of the local coffee shop.

We’ll have more on the topic of retreats in an upcoming podcast (stay tuned), but for now, just know that there’s nothing more conducive to pulling back and carving out some solid intentions for what you’d like to create in your life.

For me, personally, I’m devoting 2015 to empowering more entrepreneurs than ever to light the way for others. That’s how I go from making a positive impact on a few thousand, to helping improve the lives of millions.

Stay tuned over the next few weeks as I reveal exactly how I plan to fulfill this resolution. Hint: It involves you. ;-)

And if you’re still trying to cement your resolution for 2015, may I suggest you declare this as the year you FINALLY share your gifts with as wide an audience as possible, and extend your reach and impact?

It may not be so obvious on the surface, but when you make this your goal, then you open the doorway for more profit, a larger, more engaged audience, and of course, greater personal fulfillment.

I believe that everyone (yes, even YOU) was born to teach, lead, and inspire… but sometimes we get so lost in the tactics and challenges of running a business that we lose sight of what comes most natural to us.

So let’s all reconnect with that leader within, and make this the year we clarify our mission, sharpen our expertise, and learn the most effective means for sharing our insights with those who stand to benefit from them the most.

And if we do that… the profits will follow, too! :-)

More on the “how” in a few short weeks, but for now, enjoy this special moment with your loved ones, and start envisioning how this truly can be your best freakin’ year ever.

To shining even brighter in 2015!

17 Ways To Explosively Grow Your Audience Based Business

Part 3: Increase Your Profit Per Sale

Editor’s Note: this is the third post in a series on how to explosively grow your audience-based business. Hassan had so much to say on the subject that we asked him to write 3 in-depth posts all about how to grow your business!

Do you ever feel like your audience based business isn’t living up to its potential?

Your fingers ache from creating killer content, you’re burnt out from all the networking you’re doing, and your brain is numb from thinking of new ways you can help your audience.

But you still feel as if your business could be better. You feel as if your audience could be bigger, your relationships stronger, and your profits higher…

The first step to living up to your business potential is to generate more leads. And thanks to the strategies in part one of this series, you’ve got loads more people viewing your website, product, or blog.

The second step to explosively growing your business is to increase your conversions, which is the percentage of people that buy from you. We covered that in part two of this series.

This week, it’s all about profit per sale.

Let’s go.
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