CEI 053: Success on Amazon with Ryan Moran

ryan moranIf the possibility of using Amazon as a sales or business platform has ever made you go, “Hey, that might be a great idea!,” then you’re going to love today’s podcast.

Our guest on today’s show is Ryan Moran, an 8-year veteran of the online marketing space who now specializes in building businesses on Amazon.

Now, you might be thinking that building a business based on Amazon sounds a bit risky. And like any online platform, it can be – if you don’t know what you’re doing.

However, if you focus on building a business, not just a quick source of cash, it is possible to build a sustainable business using the Amazon platform.

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Why Guest Blogging is Like Doing Laundry (And How to Get Both Done)!

guest bloggingWhen you’re trying to get the word out about your new business, building your audience, and making connections, there’s a lot of guest blogging to do.

I’m assuming you’re pretty aware of this since you’re here on Freddy Krueger’s site. And just like tackling the never-ending cycles of laundry in your household (especially if you have kids), it can seem overwhelming at first.

But there’s a simple process to doing both…
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A Complete Guide to Creating Your Online Brand in Just 10 Steps

brand guidelinesToday, being an online business person means being intimately familiar with the phrase “personal brand.”

Like any entrepreneur, you’re looking to build relationships with your audience. And in order to do that, your own unique, recognized, and trusted brand becomes really important.

But good news!  Creating your brand may easily become the best strategic step you’ve taken.


Because people want to purchase from and use services of the people (and the organizations) that they know and trust. And the way you present your brand defines whether they will become your customers.
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Hot Summer Best of the Web – June

Best of the WebSummer is here.

Sid saw the last of spring in Yosemite, CA, as the ice melted into the wonderful tall waterfalls. He came home to Florida to bake at the beach.

Even up here, in Montreal, Canada, it’s balmy weather in the 70s Fahrenheit (in the 20s for us Canadians).

Here at Firepole, we heat things up in the summer. As our clients chill, we get rolling with growth plans that will bear fruit with a fall harvest.

And we want to share the exciting ideas and tools that are sprouting up under the summer sun – all over the web.
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The Bruno Mars Guide to Quickly Growing a Massive Audience of Raving Fans

raving fans“It’s like he came out of nowhere.

Have you ever wondered how some people can shoot to the top of their field so quickly?

It happens everywhere, not just in your line of business.

For instance, Bruno Mars rocketed to the top of the music world.

Since releasing his first album in 2010, the two-time Grammy-winning artist has landed five number-one singles on the Billboard charts. That’s faster than any other male singer since Elvis Presley.

At 28 years old, not only did he smash records by being the youngest headline performer ever to grace the coveted Super Bowl halftime stage, but he also attracted the largest audience in Super Bowl history.

That’s impressive.

He’s achieved all these remarkable milestones because he’s got a massive audience of raving fans (yours truly included).

And to quickly build your own fan base, you should totally study his career as if it were a blueprint.
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CEI 051: Conversion Optimization with Bnonn Tennant

conversion optimizationIf you have ever asked “How do I get better results from my website, landing page, or sales materials,” then you’re going to love today’s podcast.

Our guest today is Bnonn Tennant (pronounced “non” – the b is silent), Danny’s friend and colleague, who is also an expert in conversion optimization.

Now, you might be thinking that conversion optimization sounds a lot less exciting than the hot topic of getting traffic to your website.

But the truth is, if all you do is focus on getting people to your website, and they don’t take any action when they get there, then you’ve just wasted a lot of time and money that resulted in zero new subscribers and zero sales.

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How to Make Your Business “Antifragile” (and Why You Must)

antifragile“Change is the only constant in life.”

That’s what my mom has told me ever since I could remember. The longer I live, the more I see the truth in it. This goes for health, relationships, and especially business.

As small business entrepreneurs, we have this stereotype that we’re fearless. That we aren’t satisfied unless we’re reaching out of our comfort zones every day or risking it all on a new venture.

I think that stereotype is overblown. Entrepreneurship is exciting and rewarding, but it can be scary too. Unexpected events can throw us off and leave the audiences we’ve worked so hard to build high and dry.

But it doesn’t have to be like that for you. Tweet it! Instead of worrying about what might happen, you can focus on connecting, engaging, and inspiring your growing audience. You can design your business to thrive in the face of uncertainty.
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7 Quick Tips to Becoming a Hollywood Star in the Eyes of Your Prospects

Business Communication SkillsMost actors, unless they’re up there with Tom Hanks or Julia Roberts, must audition for roles they get in the theater, movies or television.

They have to find ways to set themselves apart from all the other hopefuls and convince a casting director that they’re right for the part.

As a salesperson, you have a lot in common with actors. The difference is that your stage might be social media, a video conference, or a cold call. But you must still convince your audience that you’re right for the part.

In her book Act Like a Sales Pro, Julie Hansen adapts tried-and-true acting and improv techniques for sales professionals. Here are seven lessons from the world of acting that she suggests will help you become a star in the eyes of your prospects.
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Creative Marketing Ideas: Why Small-Scale Businesses Need It and How They Can Pull It Off

creative marketing ideasFor every day that your business survives, the need to think of new creative marketing ideas to extend your existing customers’ loyalty and to gain new ones remains constant.

This is especially true when there are other products in the market similar to what you are selling, which means that you’re competing with other brands for your target audience’s attention.

Such a circumstance automatically puts you in a position where you have to always come up with unique ideas to keep your product interesting.

Not only that, you also have to make sure that connect with target audience and keep them engaged.
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