Springboard Your Business With Our April Best of the Web

Best of the Web

It’s spring! Time to get outside, slow down and think strategically about your business and your life. Whether your business needs big ideas or fresh tactics, you’ll find what you’re looking for in our April Best of the Web.

Thinking Big

Start off the season by taking step back and looking at the big picture of your business. What’s working? What isn’t working? And how is your mindset affecting your success?

Optimize Your Site

If you have more clients and customers than you can handle, then you don’t have a conversion problem. But if you ever struggle to get more business, then optimizing your conversion will help. These posts will empower you to streamline your relationship with customers, from the minute they first visit your site.

Engaging Your Audience

From social media to email marketing, engaging your audience is key to a successful business. These posts will give you insight into better ways to connect with and understand the people you serve.

Business Strategies and Resources

Make your business more effective and efficient with these case studies, resource lists and podcasts to help you grow.

News and New Strategies

Online business is always changing, so if you want to succeed, you’ll need to know what’s happening — and what’s coming next. Learn about the big changes and new strategies this year from these updates and case studies with creative new ideas.

Content Creation and Promotion

Even with all the changes, for many online businesses, content is still king. These posts will help you write more, write better, and promote your content effectively.


Guest Posts

The Bite of the Cobra: Overcoming Technology Paralysis in 5 Easy Steps

the Bite of the Cobra : Overcoming Technology Paralysis in 5 Easy StepsIt’s a sadly familiar story – after the excitement of conducting extensive audience research and crafting a killer initial offer, you find yourself sitting at your computer, staring blankly at the screen in front of you as paralyzing discouragement starts to set in.

Why? It’s all because the awesome technology product that promised hundreds of conversions has suddenly become a setup nightmare.

Just a step away from seeing the fruits of your labor, technology problems can stop you dead in your tracks and make you feel like all of your time and effort have been wasted.

Six months ago, I found myself caught up in a technology tangle, in so deep that I almost convinced myself to give up on my marketing dreams. But, instead of quitting, I took a few simple action steps that got me back on track, and I’m here to share how you can do the same.

Like the deadly bite of a venomous cobra, technology snafus can quickly paralyze your creative genius. With its rapid and sometimes confounding updates, the online world can sneak up on your business and strike as stealthily as that exotic snake, leaving you confused or, worst case, completely derailing your progress.

If you’re struggling with a particularly vexing tech problem, you can take action with these five steps – before paralysis takes over and you lose heart (or momentum).

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CEI 111: Behavioral Economics with Dan Ariely

If you’ve ever wondered why people do what they do, and make the mistakes they make, you’ll love today’s podcast with Dan Ariely.

Dan is an author, and a leader in the field of behavioral economics, and while that might sound a little too academic, it’s not! Dan’s a charming and funny person, and he has an incredible way of teaching through stories and clever examples.

He’s also the one who can also tell you what your customers will be happy to spend their money on, when it comes to online businesses.

So let’s get started! All you have to do is click the play button below.

Podcast runtime: 23 min 15 seconds | Transcript

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The Forgotten Gift: Using Intuitive Intelligence for Greater Business Success

gift for Valentine's Day with red hearts

“Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.” ~ Steve Jobs

Does this scenario sound familiar?

You have a friend who seems to have an uncanny knack of knowing when to start projects and when to hold back, and you wonder how he does it.

When you ask, he answers, “Intuition.”

Maybe you got the feeling that something wasn’t right about your last product launch – but you ignored it, only to discover that the feeling was right all along, and you should’ve paid attention.

Chances are, you’re like most people – thinking that it’s okay to pay attention to your intuition when it comes to minor things like picking a parking spot, but not for important decisions, and definitely not when it comes to your business.

But, what if you’re wrong?

Everyone has intuition, but whether you use it or not is a choice. What if by not trusting your intuition you’re not using all the tools available to you?

Albert Einstein said this about intuition:

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”

Perhaps it’s time to take a look at this forgotten gift and see how you can use it for greater business success.

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Firepole Funnies #018: Living the Dream


Enjoying the Firepole Funnies?

If you liked what you read here, please let Christina (and the rest of the Firepole team) know in the comments below. Feel free to suggest future comic strip ideas – we can’t guarantee we’ll use your idea, but we’re always open to suggestions!
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