The Audience Alchemy of Google+ Hangouts on Air: Why You Should Start Hosting G+ HOAs, Even If You “Hate Google”

Google Hangouts on Air BasicsEditors note: Debbie submitted so much great content for this post, we asked her to keep it all and break it into two posts! Today’s post covers the basic benefits of hosting G+ HOAs for your business; part 2 will get into uplevel strategies to monetize your efforts!

One of the most common challenges faced by entrepreneurs and experts trying to make a name for themselves online is the sense that there are just too many platforms and tools to be able to manage them all, let alone be using them to the level of positioning yourself as an authority in business.

If you can figure out Facebook, then there’s Twitter, and LinkedIn and YouTube, and at least a dozen other trendy social sites their experts say are needed to successfully market your business “for free”.

And while you’re busy wrangling your communities on each of the major platforms, finding some success on a few, and unsure of how to use others… there’s always the need to create branded digital content that Google likes (for your website/blog), that builds your overall reputation online.

I’ve found that creating a signature YouTube livestream show (using G+ Hangouts on Air) for your business, is an effective, efficient, and unexpected way to create fresh, compelling content for all your niche social communities and platforms.

Additionally, there are some surprising individual benefits you can enjoy by sticking with Google+ Hangouts on Air (the underdog of social media) to create a branded show for your business.

If you’re ready to simplify your content and social media marketing, you’re in the right place! Let’s dive in to the basics of how you could use Google Hangouts on Air for your business, shall we?
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CEI 080: Finding and Following Your Inspiration With Simon Sinek

Simon SinekDo you wake up every morning wishing that you could do the things that inspire you? Or maybe you wake up wishing that you could do something that would inspire others to do what inspires them.

Being inspired, and inspiring others, is a big part of the work that we do here at Firepole. So when Danny sat down with Simon Sinek, author of Start With Why, we were really excited!

Simon first made a name for himself as the guy who’s life work was to inspire others to do the work that inspired them. But lately, he’s also been fascinated with the idea of leadership: what makes an effective leader? Can you become a leader, or is it just something you’re born with?

The answer to this question, as well as lots of great resources on leadership and inspiration, are waiting for you in today’s podcast. To get started, just click on the play button below.

Podcast runtime: 22 min 39 seconds | Transcript

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October Best of the Web: Launch Your Learning

Best of the WebAre you ready to take your business to the next level?

Here are Firepole, we are. We are just wrapping up our September-October launch for the Audience Business Masterclass, welcoming several hundred new students in just under a month.

Our team has grown from ten people to fifteen. And we’re gearing up to launch two new products – stay tuned in November and January!

But enough about us. This post is all about you – giving you the very best the web has to offer to help you improve your marketing and grow your business. Oh, and keep on top of the latest tools and trends, too.

I think Danny has been staying up late browsing the web. We have more posts for you than ever before!

Grow your blog, your website, your marketing funnel, your business, your social media strategy, and more using 40 posts from all over the Internet.

Boost Your Blog and Grow Your List

Ten awesome posts to help you grow your blog

Improve Your Website

A really innovative idea and a fair amount of grinding technical work here. But they will take your website to the next level.

Improve Conversion on Your Website and Landing Pages

Your landing page is the lynchpin of your success.

Grow Your Business

Four great articles on growing your blog-based online business.

Big Changes in Social Media

Twitter and Facebook are pivoting, and Instagram is growing. Read here to keep on top of it all

Success Strategies

Want to step back and think about the bigger ideas in business and life? Read on!

The Best of the Firepole Blog

New this month! We want to share the top posts from our own Firepole blog right here:


Danny’s gone a bit Freddy-Kreugerish again, showing up all over the web. He’s got his own article on Huffington post, and a pile of mentions and interviews.

As always, if you think we’ve missed anything truly awesome out there on the web, be sure to say so in the comments!

6 Reasons Your Subscribers Don’t Care about Your Emails – and What to Do About It

email marketing best practicesAll marketers would like to think that subscribers experience a warm, fuzzy feeling inside when they see an email from them. In reality, many such messages evoke a sigh of exasperation, followed by a cursory skim at best, or a click of the “unsubscribe” link at worst.

Why does it happen?

Fickleness, small attention spans, impossible standards – excuses abound for why marketers don’t feel bound to follow email marketing’s best practices.

But the truth is, nowadays people have the luxury to choose from an almost infinite number of products and services. No wonder they have zero tolerance for bad practices or mediocrity!

Tweet it! To survive, your content marketing has to evolve past the point of “good enough” into “indispensable”. The time has come to take a long hard look at what you might be doing wrong – and instead do what the best email newsletters are doing right.

What prevents your readers from gleefully devouring each new email? Let’s find out.
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CEI 079: Finding Entrepreneurial Freedom with Natalie Sisson

natalie sissonHave you ever felt bogged down by your work and day-to-day tasks? Are you constantly dreaming about your ideal day, or your last vacation, and wishing you could be there instead?

If so, you’re going to love today’s podcast. Natalie Sisson, the Suitcase Entrepreneur, is sitting down with Danny to teach us how to do exactly that: get more freedom in our lives.

Now, we know this might sound a bit unrealistic, but Danny really asks Natalie some hard questions about what freedom means, and how we go about getting it. Plus, we’ve included our own resource on how to get more productive – and find more freedom.

Ready to find your entrepreneurial freedom? All you have to do is click the play button below.

Podcast runtime: 23 min 30 seconds | Transcript

marketing campaigns

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