Why People Don’t Join Your List – The Top 5 Things to Check

Pete Sandeen Landing Page CritiqueMany marketing tactics become more or less worthless if people refuse to join your list. An effective marketing strategy that doesn’t involve building a list is an exception.

If you’re not in contact with your potential customers, you struggle to demonstrate your expertise and can’t make anyone even consider buying what you sell.

The first step is getting people to an opt-in landing page. And sure, they have to be interested in what you have to offer.

But for the purposes of this post, I’ll assume that some people already find their way to your opt-in landing page and that the issue is your conversion rate. Few (if any) of the people who visit your landing page decide to join your list.

So, here are the top 5 reasons why people who “really should” join your list, don’t.
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What Your Logo Can Do For You

FMLogoStacked5You know that you’re unique and that you have specific value to offer. But if you’re expecting prospects to wait around and be convinced, then you’re missing a lot of opportunities.

You need to catch their eye, stand out and be remembered. And, considering the pace of the world we live in, the sooner you get their attention, the better.

If you’re not using a visual language to speak to your audience, then you’re ignoring a huge opportunity to capture their attention without saying a word. Even worse, a lack of a deliberate visual identity is already saying a lot about you. The only problem is, you’re not in control of the message that is being sent.

Given that humans are a visual species, it’s no wonder that large brands have strict brand guidelines. They plaster their logo on everything available to them and protect it with a fierce legal team. Companies like Coke, Tiffany’s and Cadbury have gone so far as to copyright colours, making sure that no one else is co-opting the power of their brand through association.

Tweet it! So why all the fuss? Why is your logo so important?
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CEI 027: Online Scavenger Hunts With Megan Dougherty

PodcastImage027Today’s show features our very own Megan Dougherty, discussing her project at Firepole Marketing – online scavenger hunts!

What is an online scavenger hunt and why is it useful?

Today’s episode with our very own Megan Dougherty will take you behind the scenes of our own Online Marketing Scavenger Hunt – what it is, why we do it, and why it’s been so valuable to so many people!

For us at Firepole, the online scavenger hunt challenges people to develop their skills in online marketing. Some things we’ve built challenges around have been: researching new blogs in your niche, looking for guest posts, practicing different styles of writing for blog posts or titles, trying new social media platforms, etc.

Listen up to hear how to become a part of an online scavenger hunt, what you and your business can get out of it, and how to use gamification in your own online business!

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Product Mix Strategy: Think Luxury

If the recent recession nearly buried your company, you might want to look at your product mix strategy.

Think: Luxury.

Despite the economic collapse, sales of luxury goods remained steady.

The number of affluent Americans (households with $100,000 annual income or more) continues to grow, up 75% in this past decade.  Fourteen percent of Americans earned $100,000 or more in 2001 compared to just nine percent in 1990. Today, the number is approaching 20 percent.

Smart marketers have taken note.  While the primary purchasers of luxury goods (think Armani) and services (think at-home avocado wrap) remain the truly rich, several companies have taken ordinary items and super-riched them successfully (think $6 Starbucks mocha cappuccino).

Many luxury brand names have begun offering affordable models, an effort to present wealthy wannabees with less pricey alternatives.  Land Rover’s Discovery, Hummer’s H2, and Jaguar’s X-type sedan come to mind.  Upscale kitchen appliance maker, Viking Range Corporation, has expanded its product line to include cookware and cutlery at affordable price points.

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Great Online Marketing Scavenger Hunt 2.0

Treasure mapIf you’ve been following us for awhile, then you’ll remember that at about this time last year, we ran the first ever Great Online Marketing Scavenger Hunt.

It had its ups (it was so much fun and everyone learned a lot!) and it had its downs (the technology was too complicated!) but it was hugely valuable to everyone who participated, and so we’re doing it again.

Only better. ;-)

There are new challenges, new skills to learn, new people to meet, new jokes to enjoy, new tools and technology to learn and importantly, new prizes to be won!

I don’t mind saying that this is my absolute favourite campaign of the year and I am so excited to have the chance to take free, online learning to the next level with a lot of hard work – and hopefully, a lot of fun. [Read more...]

Success is Everywhere: February 2014 Best of the Web

Best of the WebHere at Firepole, we’ve just finished our month of webinars, and we’re very, very excited that about 660 new students have joined our Audience Business Masterclass. Boy, are we glad we had a team of 9 people working to make that happen!

Last year, there were only four of us and we were exhausted and running on fumes as we went on retreat at the beginning of February. Here’s the full story of last year’s adventure.

We’re glad to be doing better this year. We’re even right on time with student support, and it’s thrilling to be able to help so many new people launch or grow their businesses.

What’s more, we want to help you take your next step to success, too. The web is chock-full of exciting ideas and powerful tools for success. So, in this month’s Best of the Web, we’ve rounded up over 30 blog posts from just about everywhere to help you do better at marketing, growing your blog, and business success.

But wait, there’s more – we’ve got tips and tools to make your work more efficient and perspectives on new trends that will really get you thinking outside the box. We wrap up with a few opportunities to meet me out there on the web on sites that have been gracious enough to interview me or review Firepole’s services.

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Scaling a Blog Towards Seven Figures

Scaling a Blog Towards 7 Figures

Note: This is a sequel to a post that we ran in September 2012 about how Firepole Marketing makes money.

How often have you heard rags to riches stories about successful entrepreneurs and felt dissatisfied because of the lack of juicy details that describe their business’ path to success? The assumption is that once a person hit upon something that worked, they just continued doing more of it. Eventually, they ended up with a big, profitable business with lots of employees, clients and money.

But, how did the rags to riches entrepreneur go from having a good idea and a few clients to having a solid business? In other words, how did the business scale? And more importantly, how can you apply these lessons to scale your business?

Looking Back at 2012

Last year, as I was doing a bit of clean-up of our old blog posts in preparation of our site re-launch, I stumbled upon a blog post that we had written in September 2012 where we described exactly how Firepole Marketing made money. In that post we had this chart that depicted our different sources of revenue in 2012: [Read more...]

CEI 026: Small Business & Money Management With Our CFO

PodcastImage026Today, Danny is interviewing Bhoomi Pathak – his wife, and since May, our Finance and Analytics Lead at Firepole Marketing.

Bhoomi has just joined us from her career in the corporate world. Since joining the team at Firepole, there have been many HUGE surprises for her. A lot of the financial volatility that is perfectly normal for us would have been red flags in her past positions.

On today’s episode, you’ll learn how to better manage your small business finances, and what the key differences are with our online entrepreneurial context compared to that of other businesses.

We’ll also look into the question of debt for a small business, and share some surprising insights on how you can better manage your money and analyze your numbers to make the most of your business growth!

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How to Use YouTube for Business Promotion

Want to reach a whole new audience for your business?

YouTube is one of the most effective places to get traffic online, and actually holds the title of second most popular search engine on the net, right after Google.

At the same time as being highly popular though, YouTube is also brilliant in terms of the sheer amount of impact it can have. People tend to gloss over written articles, and they tend to ignore advertisements as banners – but videos are far more engaging and very difficult to ignore.

For the most part, if someone hits play on a YouTube video then they will watch to the end (if it’s not too long that is). Videos can also have more of a personal impact too, allowing you to convey emotion, to sell with your charisma, and to use music and imagery to really drive your point home.

Tweet it! A picture tells a thousand words – a video tells a million.

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Blog Content Strategy: Riff Great Content

It’s 11pm and your mind is just buzzing with ideas.

You’ve just read a fantastic blog post, a real game changer, and you want to write a blog post on the exact same topic. The original author isn’t someone you’ve heard of, and everything is free on the internet, right?

Your mind is buzzing because you know you can rewrite that post for your audience and generate a tonne of interest and conversations – after all, that’s what tribute bands do all the time: they sing someone else’s material and get paid to do it, and what’s more, if they can do it, so can you, right?

Tweet it! How wrong can it be to rewrite someone else’s material?

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