Revive Your Goals with CPR (Cultivating Positive Relationships)

Revive Your Goals with CPR (Cultivating Positive Relationships)Robert Steven Kaplan, Baker Foundation Professor at Harvard Business School, speaks of the importance of giving something of yourself, confiding something, when building relationships.

I’ll confide something right of the bat: I don’t care much for cutesy, gimmicky titles, which over-promise and under-deliver.

So permit me to explain what CPR is in the context of reaching your business goals and to make clear that I am not implying your goals are languishing on life-support.

CPR refers to Cultivating Positive Relationships, and it is the single biggest reason for the professional successes I’ve had. I’ll go so far to say, in fact, that I have fed my family on the strength of my ability to build relationships. I have attained executive leadership positions where the other applicants were at least as qualified, and I have enjoyed success in those roles because of CPR.

And for those writers/bloggers out there, I can tell you my own literary endeavors have effervesced exponentially because of CPR as well. Yes, you need to have good work, but that is only the beginning if you want to get published and get known.

I don’t think your goals are at death’s door. You are smart; you do good work. But whether it’s your small business, the book you’ve written or are writing, or whatever your goal, if things have not taken off the way you know they can, then CPR can breathe new life, give  a jolt, and help your dreams take wing.
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CEI 032: The Four Season Strategy for Small Business Growth with William Cowie

small business growthToday on Connect, Engage, Inspire, Danny catches up with our friend and former student, William Cowie. William is an expert on the economy, and he shares current economic trends and his Four Season Strategy Economic Model to promote your small business growth.

A lot of small and large business owners are oblivious to the effect of the economy and its cycle. Now you might be saying, “Well that’s not true. I know when we’re in recession!” But, the only time we really talk about the economy is when it’s “bad”. There’s more to the economy than knowing that it goes up and down, and that is the Four Season Strategy!

Tune in to understand the Four Season model and learn how this strategy can help you make decisions with your business.

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How Avon Uses the Economy to Grow (and How You Can Too)

How Avon Uses the Economy to Grow (And How You Can Too)Do you by any chance pull up your nose at the mention of Avon? The company is worth $70 billion, with sales last year of over $10 billion. How much did you sell last year?

The secret to their success is surprisingly simple: in a recession, people get laid off. Those folks have time, and need money. That’s when outfits like Avon and Amway pounce. They offer the jobless masses a way to make money and be self-employed.

And they grow like crazy. Through outfits like Avon, Tupperware and May Kay, people with their own direct sales businesses sell around $30 billion per year.

Serious money.

That could be you. Seriously.

Wait! Am I suggesting you’re into multilevel marketing? Not at all. You’re helping individuals get ahead, financially or otherwise. In the past, the primary method for that happened to be multilevel marketing.

But things change.

Online marketing is replacing multilevel marketing in many ways. It’s the new way to offer individuals the chance to sell something to their own customers.
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5 Steps to Learn ANYTHING Online

5 Steps to Learn ANYTHING OnlineThere is an immeasurable amount of information literally at our fingertips.

We can learn anything online.

I’ll say that again, because it’s hard to grasp the enormity of that concept.

Seriously, right now, you can learn ANYTHING.

Think of anything you wish you could do, and you can find a little to a lot of information about it online. Now more than ever before, we have an incredible opportunity to learn and grow in expansive ways.

So why don’t we?

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Ask the Readers: The Best of Free or May-as-Well-Be-Free


There’s a lot of cool stuff out there you can get for free, mostly for free, or initially for free.

Training, tutorials, information, software, services – lots of it, much of it high quality, and for nothing but the cost of your email address.

Some of my absolute favorite free things are:

WP Landing Pages, a free plugin for wordpress that let’s you create landing pages on the quick-fast.

The GIMP, an open source image editing software, that does most of what Photoshop does – but totally for free.

There’s a difference between these two free softwares.

The Gimp is straight-up free. It’s built on the philiosophy of non-profit, open source code. The people who work on the GIMP and other systems like it do it for love, for passion, from a sense of the common good, or to earn an income on a donation basis. [Read more...]

Are You Making This Critical Mistake With Your Profile and Blog Images?

Eat PopcornIt’s funny how, once you become aware of something, it stands out everywhere.

For those of you who are old enough to remember going to the movies, they would flash subliminal messages to get patrons to buy more popcorn.

The message flashed so fast that no one noticed on a conscious level.

Subconsciously it worked so well, the practice was outlawed.

We humans take in a lot of information without the benefit of being conscious about it.

While reading posts on Firepole Marketing, I kept seeing subliminal visual messages of the wrong kind. I just couldn’t stand it any longer, so I wrote to Danny about a grievous error he was making.

Low and behold, an invitation to write guest post about this error – which many bloggers and marketers make – appeared in my inbox.

Tweet it! I see this subliminal messaging error all over the internet, all the time. One quick fix can skyrocket your engagement.

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CEI 030: Authenticity and Assignment Selling with Marcus Sheridan

Today on Connect, Engage, Inspire, Danny interviews his good friend Marcus Sheridan, or as you may know him: The Sales Lion. We talk about assignment selling and how authenticity is what’s really at the core of successful businesses.

In order for Marcus to prevent his swimming pool company from going under (excuse the pun!), he decided instead to embrace content marketing. After refocusing on engagement, his company has taken off.

Marcus unravels Assignment Selling and how it can benefit your business. He also shares with us, what he gets, that other entrepreneurs just don’t! Listen up =)

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5 Pinterest Strategies to Drive Traffic to Your Website

5 Pinterest Strategies Traffic WebsiteI have an admission: I joined Pinterest for fun.

I’m a 30-something professional woman, and I couldn’t resist its allure. Pinning recipes, crochet patterns, DIY beauty ideas, and quotes was too much fun to resist. And, of course, I pinned a few of my favorite blog posts from my own site.

And then something unexpected happened.

Tweet it! Pinterest became my biggest referral traffic source (after Google organic search results.)

So I took notice. I did more of what was working – creating more boards, pinning more content – and saw my traffic from Pinterest continue to increase.

I have a service-based business (holistic health coaching), which means I don’t sell physical products. (Some online marketers will tell you that Pinterest is only good for businesses who sell physical products.)

That’s when I realized that Pinterest has serious potential to drive traffic to your website - if you approach it in the right way.

The problem is that most people don’t.

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7 Proven Steps to Win Back 20+ Hours Every Month

7 Proven Steps to Win Back 20+ Hours Every MonthYou want to scale your business, but you can’t seem to find the time to make it happen.

Or maybe you are finding the time, but it’s at the expense of other things in your life.

Things like family, staying fit, hobbies, vacations, etc.

And you know that improved productivity could be the answer.

So you read post after post on the topic. Maybe you’ve even read a few books too.

You find dozens of time-saving tips and decide to try them out.

But a few days later, you are right back where you started.

Why Most Productivity Advice Doesn’t Work

If most productivity tips actually worked, there wouldn’t be a need for so many blogs and books on improving productivity. Here are the two reasons that most of these tips don’t work.

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Are You Making These 3 Embarrassing Copywriting Mistakes?

3 Copywriting Mistakes - Firepole MarketingYou probably fall into one of two camps:

If you’re in the first camp, you change the copy on your website a few times a month in an attempt to make it sound better. (Like I do!)

If you’re in the second camp, you haven’t updated your website copy in so long, it’s practically fossilized.

Whether you’re constantly fiddling with it or ignoring it altogether, the end result is the same . . .

Your copy is “just okay.”

But “just okay” isn’t good enough for you. You want to stand out. You want to sound like yourself. You want to grow a loyal following of people who get you and appreciate what you’re trying to do.

That’s why, for my Project ABC Update this month, I’m sharing three website copywriting mistakes I’m seeing many of my clients make.

I’m also going to tell you how to erase these mistakes. So if you recognize these stumbling blocks in your own writing, keep reading for easy solutions. [Read more...]