5 Storytelling Techniques to Improve Your Sales

Storytelling is making a comebackThe emphasis on analytics driven digital advertising nearly destroyed storytelling’s role in marketing.

However, with a new push in content marketing, storytelling is making a comeback.

After years of measuring clicks, impressions, and sales, marketers now measure effectiveness in engagement: likes, favorites, retweets, and shares.

Marketers are learning to go beyond getting an audience’s attention and utilizing storytelling to engage an audience with the actual material.

As Matthew Turner from The Successful Mistake mentions, “every individual and every brand and every business has a unique story.”

Strong narratives have an impact on sales and can trump data alone. Stories are an effective marketing tool and resonate better with customers than data alone because of the following attributes:

  • Stories are easy to remember
  • Stories provoke emotional response
  • Stories are shareable (on and offline)

To illustrate, consider a University of Michigan study where participants were told that they had a terminal illness and offered a drug effective 90% of the time. The drug was then offered with a story about a single patient that took the drug that resulted in either a positive, neutral, or negative outcome.

With positive or neutral stories, 85-90% of the participants opted to take the drug. Unsurprisingly, when coupled with a negative outcome story, the participant chose the drug only 39% of the time.

How can we tell a better story, then?

We all know someone who tells a great story, but figuring out how to do that in a business context can be challenging.

Below are five tips to help you tell your story and best market your company.

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Does Your Plan Control Your Business?

ask theReadersIf you listen to stories of successful entrepreneurs, there’s one thing many of them have in common: the idea they had when they started their business is very different from how their business ended up.

Danny, for example, started Firepole Marketing with the intention of creating a marketing class. Which, of course, he eventually did — but the Audience Business Masterclass has very little in common with the class Danny originally intended to teach.

And Danny’s not the only one whose original idea for his business was very different from where the business has gone. In fact, the idea of “pivoting” — changing your business direction in response to your audience — is a core value for many startups.

But what about you? Do you have a business idea you’re “married” to, or are you willing to change as you discover what your audience truly needs? Are there aspects of your original business idea that you could never give up, even if it looked like it meant your business would never succeed? Are there parts of your original business idea that you’ve already changed, and how has that hurt or helped your business?

Are You Making These 7 Lethal Marketing Mistakes?

charge your audience with emotionContent marketing can be a serious pain.

You drill into your tired brain and dig out lessons for your readers, hours of researching, and reading leaves your eyes feeling like dry wood.

And you ruthlessly edit your work with the hope it helps your readers and generates sales.

But despite your hard work, you’re not getting a good return for the brutal effort that you put in.

You feel like you’re just… wasting your time.

So what’s going on?

Chances are, you’re making some mistakes. Mistakes that are damaging your business and undermining your content marketing efforts.

So here are 7 lethal content marketing mistakes you can’t afford to make.

Steering clear of these mistakes will catapult you above the noise and help you use content marketing to attract a bigger and better audience to shoot up your business growth.

Let’s go.

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BR11: Randy Gage on Prosperity and Positive Thinking

Being delusional isn’t necessarily a bad thing, or so says Randy Gage. It’s all about whether or not your delusions serve you. Picture a teenager sitting in a prison cell for robbery. Now imagine him telling himself he’d be a millionaire by age 35. Would you think he was delusional? And what if he accomplished it?

Today’s guest Randy Gage, did just that. He started out poor, landed in prison, lost everything he owned in a failed business venture. But then he turned it all around, starting with his mindset. What Randy learned about the victim vs. victor mentality changed his life, and now he teaches it to others.

Download the transcript here.

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7 Apps That Transform Overwhelming Email Inboxes into Organized Bliss

busy people can't afford NOT to use toolsStressful, isn’t it?

You’re researching, creating, and marketing content. And somehow on top of all that, you must find time to deal with the hoards of email cluttering up your inbox.

The 1,440 minutes in a day just aren’t sufficient to deal with all this.

You’d certainly have more time if you and your email were not constantly battling it out.

It’s understandable you feel under siege by this constant swarm of email. And it’s highly likely that it’s impacting your productivity and business results as well.

According to Tested.com, the problem of email clutter has gotten progressively worse over the last twenty years as more and more people have used it.

Fortunately, there are some handy apps—most of which are free—that will streamline your email activities, helping you get more done in less time.

Below I’ve outlined 7 email management apps to help you reach your moment of email zen.

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