How To Grow Your Business With Associations: 5 Benefits You Need To Know

Are you a joiner?

Well if you’re not, maybe you should be because joining associations is one of the best ways to enrich your life and grow your business.

I’m sharing my experience with associations as a case study in today’s post, in addition to showing you five of the benefits joining an association can bring, professionally and personally.

The Project Management Hacks Origin Story

In reading about the creation of audience businesses, I always wanted to know about the early struggles and how they were overcome. In my case, there were two inflection points for growth.

First, I signed up for Firepole Marketing’s Audience Business Masterclass.

Second, I joined a leading professional association – the Project Management Institute. Here are the key points in the early evolution of my business.

  • June 18, 2014: Business is founded when I register the domain name. I’m inspired by reading “The 4-hour Workweek” for the second time. The name Project Management Hacks is inspired by the productivity websites, Lifehacker and Lifehack.org
  • June 30, 2014: I start building an email list when I install Aweber*
  • October 2, 2014: I sign up as a student for Audience Business Masterclass after hearing about the program from Ben Settle
  • October 6, 2014: I join the Project Management Institute (and the Southern Ontario Chapter, a local group where I can attend events in person)
  • January 31, 2015: Reached 100 email subscribers. (It can take a few months to reach your stride.)
  • August 29, 2015: Made my first sale ($297) for my online course “Unlocking the Hidden Job Market”
  • August 31, 2015: Reached the 2,500 email subscriber milestone.

Why I Joined The Project Management Institute To Grow My Business

My long-term business objective is to build and sell online training courses to professionals. My target market is corporate project managers working in Fortune 500 companies and similar large organizations in the United States (and elsewhere).

Given that focus, I found the Project Management Institute an excellent fit for my goals. The organization is more than fifty years old (established in 1969), has an active membership over 400,000, and is prominent in the United States.

Let’s explore the benefits more deeply.

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Finding Your Ideal Customer Using the Value Quadrant

Ideal client or tire kicker?Do you ever get an email from a prospect who asks question after question only for them to finally decide they’re not interested?

You spent hours answering their questions, got excited about the possibility of a new customer, and suddenly all communication has stopped.

You’ve been ghosted.

In an ideal world, it would be easy to identify straight off the bat the best prospects to go after.

Of course, in reality things aren’t so simple.

A seemingly hot prospect might come to you full of questions, only to never be heard from again.

This is why it’s important to start honing the skill of determining if your hot prospect is actually a potential customer or just a tire kicker.

Identifying Your Core Customers

When I get an email from someone needing help, there are often obvious signs that indicate straight away whether the person is a serious prospect, or merely looking around.

Knowing what to do will help you save time and figure out how to respond to such requests.

Here are the three things you can do to identify your core customers so that you can spend time on the most serious and likely prospects.

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Choosing a Target Market? 3 Mistakes to Avoid and 3 Tips to Follow

You need to sell them the benefits.So you want to be an entrepreneur?

You know you have something useful to share with the world, and that you can make a difference.

Your steps are filled with purpose. You have chosen that ‘can do’ mindset. You are ready and willing to give whatever it takes to get your success.

Done wondering if you are marvelous or mad, you have searched deep inside yourself asking – is this really possible for me?

And you have come through with a ‘yes!’ Sure you’ve hit a few snags along the way but you are still feeling that resounding ‘yes!’

But with your early failures behind you, it’s time for that turn in the road. It’s time to head in the direction of your business dream.

All you have to do now is find your target market and begin to build your tribe.

Simple, yes? And yet, right now, it feels just about impossible.

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BR14: Tracy Matthews Reimagining the Jewelry Design Industry

BR14 Tracy Matthews


Tracy Matthews is a renowned jewelry designer, but her biggest fans will tell you that’s not why they love her. You see, the jewelry industry is very tight-lipped, and it’s difficult to get help or information. Tracy had to figure it out herself, but she is now bucking that inhibitive trend.

Tracy co-founded the Flourish and Thrive Academy, where she and her partners teach new designers the ropes of the industry. And more importantly, she teaches them the business skills they need that will allow them to successfully sell their masterpieces. Tracy’s audience goes beyond jewelry designers, and there’s no doubt you’ll find something useful if you are a designer.

Download the transcript here.

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Want More Subscribers? Avoid These 8 Email Marketing Mistakes!

you're bound to hit a homerun if you keep testing“Email marketing is where the money’s AT!”

This has probably struck your eardrums for the billionth time right now…

And there’s a reason for that. Simply put, it’s true.

Research shows that email marketing is 40 times more effective at snagging new customers than Facebook and Twitter. Which is fantastic news for business owners and marketers.

Now while email marketing is a great way to ramp up business, it can soak up a ton of time, effort, and money when done incorrectly.

So here are 8 email marketing mistakes that are a danger to your bottom line. Steer clear of them to ensure that your business doesn’t bleed cash.

Let’s go.

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