Introducing… Amanda Durepos

amandaBefore Amanda joined Firepole Marketing in the summer of 2012, she was working as a gallery curator, event coordinator and freelance blogger.

It was after taking a programming course in her final semester at Concordia University that she began taking an interest in computer history and technology. She pivoted a bit and was delighted to meet Danny and the team, quickly discovering that it is entirely possible to learn (and have fun) while working.

Today, Amanda is the Technology Lead at Firepole Marketing. Some of her responsibilities include helping Audience Business Masterclass students with WordPress, list management software, autoresponders, shopping carts, and all that goes into setting up an online business. She gets to troubleshoot and mess around in the back-end of Firepole Marketing, and gets a kick out of playing whack-a-mole with system bugs.

Amanda loves Firepole Marketing’s culture, loves being able to learn something new every day at work, and loves being able to help people 1-on-1 with challenges they face in their business. She loves being part of a really awesome and dynamic team, and loves being able to contribute towards the success of others.

In her spare time, Amanda collects and dissects vintage textbooks for her collages. She has recently began to explore the world of web development, enjoys reading about computers, and is a proud member of Montreal Girl Geeks – a place where she can express and continue to learn about her inner nerd.